Mystery Train Island Walkthrough – Poptropica Cheats Guide

Mystery Train Island takes you on an adventure where you board a train going back in time to 1893 to the Chicago World Fair. You will meet people on this adventure such as Thomas Edison, Mark Twain, and Gustav Eiffel. So what has happened on this island that Poptropica needs you to come and help?

Well someone has stolen an invention of Thomas Edison’s and you are being blamed for it! You need to find out who did it and clear your name at the same time. To help you, check out the Mystery Train Walkthrough guide below. It will step you through how to solve the great mystery of 1893!

Run to the left and ask the man with the green suitcase if he needs a hand.  You have to arrange the luggage like the photo below to turn it into a ramp.

Edison asks you to join him on the train ride to Chicago.  Walk over to the red door and enter the train.  Run to the left until you see the guy standing in the cabin.  Ask him what he’s worried about.  He’ll say the wheel isn’t working.

Keep walking to the left until you see the cabin marked “S.B. Anthony”.  Go inside and talk to her, she’ll give you a pamphlet.  Exit her cabin and walk to the left until you see a cabin marked “Mille Morese”.  Go inside and talk to her, she’ll give you a newspaper.

Then go into Thomas Edison’s room.  He shows you how it works when the train goes in a tunnel.  The machine has disappeared!  Go to Mark Twain’s cabin and ask him about the missing invention.  Click on the wall with the squares to try to find the hidden compartment.

In the compartment is a copy of his manuscript, he didn’t take the invention.  The train stops and you get off.  Talk to the guy in the red vest.  When you get on the train again, walk to the left until you get to Edison’s room.  Use your magnifying glass to examine the floor in front of his door.

Walk to the left and talk to Susan B. Anthony about your clues.  Then keep walking to the back of the train and ask the conductor about the prune juice.  He throws the order page out.  Pick up the order book and use your pencil to view the writing on the page.

The page says Tesla ordered prune juice.  He still won’t talk so walk to the right into the luggage car.  Inspect the blue and gold colored trunk on the floor.  Pick up the scissors and run to your right.  Ask the coal man about the coal smudges.

Run back to the left until you see the Porter, he’s wearing a blue and gold uniform.  Ask him about the coal man’s story.  He says he was telling the truth.  Talk to the girl in the luggage room.  She gives you the idea to put on a Porter’s outfit and serve Tesla a drink.

Walk to the right and enter the Porter’s Closet.  Inside you’ll find a Porter’s outfit, put it on.  Exit the Porter’s Closet and run to the right.  Knock on Tesla’s door and go inside.  He says he wants a refill of prune juice.

Pick up the purple glass and pour some in his cup.  He leaves to go to the bathroom and gives you the chance to search his room.  Keep clicking on items around his room and you’ll find the key right before he gets back.  Leave the cabin and walk back to the luggage car.

Take out the luggage key to open the trunk.  The device is in Tesla’s trunk!  He gets taken to the brig and you go to Edison’s room.  You watch the tape to see who took the device.  It’s not Tesla, the thief is still on the loose!

Go into the luggage car and climb up to get on the roof of the train.  Run to the right and drop down the roof vent to the car where Tesla is.  Ask him if you can help, give him your pencil.  He gives you a sketch of his cabin before the train stopped.

Exit the room to the left and go to Tesla’s cabin.  Take out the sketch of his cabin and use it compare to how it looks now.  Click on the suitcase by Tesla’s bed to circle it with the pencil.  The suitcase has been opened, you must tell Tesla!

Head to the left to go to the luggage car again and jump on top of the train.  Walk to the right back to where Tesla is being held.  Ask him how someone opened the suitcase.  He says the key is around his neck.   Walk to the left and enter Erik Weisz’s room.  Ask him about the suitcase and then about his odd behavior.

Exit his room and walk to the left until you see the NY Times Reporter. Ask him about Weisz’s odd behavior.  He gives you an article with a picture that looks like Weisz.  You think Weisz might be Harry Houdini.

Walk to the right until you get to Weisz’s room.  You’ll find a lock pick bag to the right in his room.  He comes in and admits he’s Houdini and jumps up through the roof.  Follow him on top of the train and drop down into the car he goes into.  Take out your scissors and cut the rope around the box.

You have to use the correct lock pick for each gold lock.  See the picture below for an example.  You must complete this task for all 4 locks before he runs out of air!

Houdini says he was not the thief and was investigating the case himself.  Run to the right until you get to the luggage room then jump up to the roof.  Go the right to the car where Tesla is located.  Use the lock pick to get Tesla out of the handcuffs.

He gives you a sketch of the transformer he had before.  Walk to the left and go talk to Mark Twain in his room.  He’ll tell you about a mysterious fellow in the last car.  Exit his car and walk to the left all the way until you get next to the guy standing by the chalkboard.

He is also investigating the case and wants to go over the clues with you.  Here is the order you need to click on the clues to put the case together:

  • Prune juice
  • Coal smudges
  • Key
  • Open briefcase
  • Tesla’s transformer

You have to figure out who the real owner of the trunk is.  Run to the right until you get to the luggage car.  Under the bottom of the trunk you’ll find a bunch of stuff from France.  Run to the right and talk to Eiffel.  He says that the trunk is a woman’s trunk.

It’s the French reporter that you talked to earlier!  The train stops and you get off.  Run to the left and you’ll see her.  Follow her and she tells the guards you’re chasing her.  Jump up the ladder and on top of the lions to get across.

Stay on the rooftops and keep jumping to the left over the obstacles.  Jump on top of the snake to get to the next level and keep walking left.  She tells the guards on you again. Jump on the tiki statues to avoid being caught by the guards.  Keep moving to the left.

Follow her up the ferris wheel using the light ropes to climb to the top.  She drops a box on you so you need to swing across by grabbing the rope.  Climb up to the top and she throws the transformer.  You need to grab onto the rope and swing down to catch it!

Jump back up to the top again and she’ll fall into the water tank.  Take out the transformer and give it George Ferris.  The investigator will give you the Mystery Train Island Medallion as a reward.  You did it!

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  1. eh so, so help i cant find the compartments! 🙁

  2. on the wall behind you and where in the world did we get a magnifying glass?!?!?!

  3. there is no one in the luggage room.

  4. i did everything till going in mark twain’s room but i clicked on the wall like a thousand times and nothing happend??????

  5. @Adithi I recommend watching the video rather than reading the notes. It can be harder to follow, but the notes actually skip some important parts of the quest- and error you would hope he wouldn’t make, but I suppose it must be hard enough to begin with.

    @Kiara there is no magnifying glass. The character has one already, though it isnt an inventory item

  6. I could not find milles room

  7. I could not find the room of mr.milles

  8. There is no magnifying glass to collect. Just put your cursor over the thing you need to look at, and it will appear.

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