Monster Carnival Island to be Released in February!


Today it was announced that Monster Carnival Island will be released in February!!  This highly-anticipated island has been one of the biggest mysteries to Poptropica ever since it appeared and then disappeared from the Poptropica island map!  Here’s the short teaser video that was released on the Creator’s Blog today:

Check out all of the information we currently have on this new island on the Monster Carnival Island guide page.   I’ll be updating that page with new information as soon as it’s available!  Be sure to check back in February for a full Monster Carnival Island walkthrough guide and cheats!

Who else is really excited for the mysterious Monster Carnival Island to come out!?


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  1. OMG montser carnival island is finally coming back i told my sis shes 14 and she saw the pic of it in 2008 and was like “Omg old school poptropica monster carnival never came back i guess they wanted it to come back” then she said as she left the room…… ” they say they deletd the island because real thing like ghosts or MONSTERS IN THE REAL WORLD were created by that island ” …………… i smelled a freaky horror movie coming (gulps) imma go hide now O.O

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