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Mocktropica Island Video Walkthrough Guide

Mocktropica Island Written Walkthrough Guide

Here is the written walkthrough guide for Mocktropica Island, good luck!

  1. Talk to the woman outside of the Poptropica building.  Then go inside the Poptropica building and talk to the scientist. He’ll give you a piece of cake.
  2. Then go to the second floor and talk to the safety inspector.  Go up to the third floor and you’ll meet the ad manager.  Then on the top floor talk to the resource manager and try out the content generator.
  3. Go back down to the ground floor and you’ll see a lady outside of the basement door.  Talk to her and then go down into the basement.
  4. In the basement you’ll find the design team.  Talk to the blonde girl on the computer and she will tell you that they are missing some of the development team members.  She gives you the ID badges of three team members and tells you to go find them.
  5. Click on the computer to her right, click “Yes” and make sure the buildings are in the order that they are pictured below, then click “Save and quit”.  Big building, small building, blimp, and truck.
  6. Now click on the computer at the far left side of the room.  Click on the folder that says “Island Maker Pro” then change the settings to Night, Rainy, and Happy.  Click save, then get off the computer and exit the Poptropica building.
  7. Go up the stairs and exit the basement.  The scientist will give you an achievement for your skills as a gamer.
  8. Exit the Poptropica building, walk to the left and talk to the kid with pet.  Then run to the right until you get to the university.  Go inside and talk to the professor.  He gives you a paper to look at.  Read the paper and click the advertisement until it disappears.  Then the professor will tell you he wants a soda.
  9. Leave the university building and keep running to the right until you get to the Grunwalds Cheese Factory.  Go inside and jump up to the second floor through the gap in the floor.
  10. Walk to the right and talk to the guy next to the assembly line.  The man is Lance Pitcher, the Poptropica designer.  Talk to him and he will tell you he wont come back unless the cheese curds stop coming out of the tube.
  11. Start walking away and he will give you a bag of cheese curds.  Exit the cheese factory and run to the left until you see the kid with the narf pets again.  Take out your cheese curds and press the spacebar to throw them.  The narfs will chase after them.
  12. Follow the narfs when they run to the left until you get to the Safety Inspector booth.  Throw another cheese curd off the cliff and the narfs will fill up the gap in the road.
  13. Cross the mountain gap and jump up the rocks until you see the climber at the top of the mountain.  Talk to him and he will give you a climbing axe.
  14. Jump back down the mountain then run back to the right until you see the scientist.
  15. The scientist will tell you about his new idea.  Then keep walking to the right until you see the guy with a hat and sunglasses on.  Ask him if you can have some counterfeit Popcoins.  He gives you some Popcoins.
  16. Now go back to the left and give the Popcoins to the scientist.  Run to the right all the way back to the Cheese Factory.  Jump up to the second floor again and take out your climbing axe.  Use the climbing axe to damage the cheese curd machine.
  17. Lance Pitcher will agree to come back to Poptropica.  You’ll then appear in the developers room again.  Get onto the computer on the left side of the room again and click on the “Island Maker Pro” icon.  Change the weather to Clear and Daytime.  Then click save and exit the building.
  18. Run all the way to the left again until you get to the mountain.  Climb all the way up to the top and talk to the man sitting in the tree.  This is Billy Jordan and you need to tell him to return to Poptropica.
  19. He challenges you to a game of mancala.  This can take a few tries to beat him at mancala.  The objective is to capture most of Billy’s pieces to win the game.  Mancala can be confusing at first so just play it a few times to get the hang of it.  Watch the video walkthrough above if you’re still having trouble.  After you beat him at mancala, you’ll appear at the Poptropica developer’s room again.
  20. Billy Jordan fixes the bug so now you have your bag back.  Get onto the computer on the right again and change the order of the buildings to look like the picture below.  Click save and exit the Poptropica building.  Truck, small building, blimp, large building.
  21. Go to the right when you get outside.  Talk to the scientist and he tells you that you need to find 1000 soda bottles, starting with the one on top of the Poptropica building.  Jump up to the top of the Poptropica building using the Blue Locust building next to it and the stone blimp.
  22. You’ll find the soda bottle near the right side of the rooftop.  Pick it up then talk to the safety worker.  He’ll give you a large helmet.  Jump off the building and then talk to the scientist, he says he needs help getting the crate open.
  23. Go back into the Poptropica building and get onto the computer on the right side again.  Click on the large crate on the screen and it will break.  Then click Save & Quit then exit the building.
  24. Run to the right when you exit the Poptropica building until you get to the University.  Go inside the University and give the professor the soda bottle.  The professor tells you he needs something out of the trash.  Run back to the Poptropica building and go down to the basement.  Go to the left side of the basement near the Energy Blaster machine and use your cake.
  25. Click on the suitcase and a man will appear from it.  Then you need to click on the trash can and move the trash out of the way until you see the Zomberry Island script.  Pick it up then exit the Poptropica building and go back to the University.  Give the script to the professor and then exit the University.
  26. When you go outside, you’ll see that the advertiser has made an incredibly annoying ad.  Go back to the Poptropica building and go up to the third floor.  Take out your counterfeit coins and give them to the advertiser woman.  This will get rid of the annoying advertisement.
  27. Now go back downstairs to the basement.  You’ll get stuck at the loading screen though.  You need to put on that giant helmet and jump up to break the Poptropica letters.
  28. Once the letters are broken, you’ll be inside of the Poptropica servers.  Go over to the right side of the room until you see the switch for the red pipes.  Turn the switch by clicking it twice so it looks like the one pictured below.
  29. Then go to the blue switch and click it once to turn it.  The blue pipes should look like this.
  30. Last, go to the green switch and click it twice to change the direction.  The servers will be fixed after you do this and you’ll be back outside.
  31. Talk to the lady outside.  It turns out that the business associates you’ve been dealing with are all of the bad guys!
  32. They combine to form a Mega Fighting Bot!
  33. Keep clicking on the robot to shoot coins at it.  Try to avoid the items he throws at you by shooting them with coins or dodging out of the way.
  34. The Mega Bot will fall apart after you have defeated it.  Keep shooting the advertisements to get rid of them.
  35. After you’ve defeated the Mega Bot and the advertisements, you’ll get the Mocktropica Island Medallion!

Way to go!!

Mocktropica Island Bonus Quest Guide

The Mocktropica bonus quest has been released!  Once you’ve beaten Mocktropica Island, head back to the Poptropica HQ and go down to basement to talk to the developer to begin the bonus quest.

He tells you he’s hacked into the Megabots system so you can go in and find the missing developer.  Click on the computer behind him to begin the bonus quest.
Talk to the Mega Bot inside the control room and ask if he wants to join you.  Then click on the giant computer and enter the Mega Fighting arena.
Now you have to battle another Mega Fighting Bot.  Read the instructions before the match to see how to control your fighting bot.  Your best bet is to try to slam your opponent against the walls to take down his health.  Try to avoid hitting the walls yourself or you will get hurt.
You have to go through and fight each of the opponents in the Mega Fighting Bots lineup.



Once you defeat the final Mega Bot, the developer will appear from the Mega Bot suit and will come back to Poptropica.
Congratulations!  You’ve convinced the developer to come back to the Poptropica team.


You’ve also unlocked the awesome Bucket Bot Costume that you can wear!

Mocktropica Island Announcement 11/21/13

Today the newest Poptropica island was announced on the Creator’s Blog!  It’s going to be called Mocktropica Island and this time it’s up to you to save Poptropica!  According to the island page, Poptropica is under new management and it’s falling apart!  Remember all of those black and white or half-finished island pictures I posted a while back?  those were screenshots from Mocktropica Island!


So this time when you’re playing the new Poptropica island, the glitches and bugs are actually part of the island!  Well most of them are hopefully!  It sounds like you’ll be put into an unfinished island and you have to help finish creating it and fix the glitches.


Mocktropica island looks like it’s set in a pretty normal looking town.  As you can see in the screenshots, there is an ice cream parlor, a cheese factory, and even what appears to be a fraternity house!  It’ll be interesting to see exactly what the storyline is like for this island.


Check out the trailer for Mocktropica island below.  As I mentioned before, the island appears to be full of glitches, bugs, and other weird occurrences.  The trailer says you get to explore the island while it’s built around you…I wonder if you actually get to design some of the island or if you just have to try and avoid getting crushed by a falling building!

Just like the last few new islands, Mocktropica island will have sound and a larger screen.  It’ll also have a live player map so you can see how you finished compared to players around the world.


I can’t wait to see what this new island is all about!  There’s also gonna be a bonus quest for members only!  So if you don’t have a membership, try to get one before Mocktropica island is released!  For more information and cool desktop backgrounds of Mocktropica Island, check out this page on the Poptropica website.


That’s all the information I have on Mocktropica Island right now!  Not sure how long until it comes out, hopefully it’s not too long since it’s not even a finished island!  Let me know what you think of the new island in the comments.

Remember to check back to this page when Mocktropica Island comes out!  I’ll be the first to have a written and video walkthrough for the island and any cheats I find along the way.

– by Andy Lentz aka SkyBoy303

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