Mocktropica Island Release Date Announced!

So on Friday it was announced on the Creators blog that Mocktropica Island will be released for members on this Thursday, December 19th!  For once they announced the island release date ahead of time instead of just surprising us…  If you’re not a member, Mocktropica Island will be available for play on January 16th 2014.


Members also get access to two special items: Mocktropica Island Glitch Power and the Unfinished Mocktropica Costume!  Get yourself a membership today so you can get these items and play Mocktropica Island before everyone else!


Remember to check out the Mocktropica Island Walkthrough Guide when the island comes out.  I’ll post a full written and video walkthrough guide here on Thursday when Mocktropica Island is released.


I’m so excited for this new island to come out, can’t wait to see what kind of quests we’ll have to do on Mocktropica Island!


  1. i am a member its the 19 and it is not out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • It came out for early access at about 8:00 of December 19th. My membership ran out a while ago, so i’m just playing the demo at the moment.

    • maybe u live in a different country,and the time zone is different!

  2. When is the full game coming out? I’m not a member and i’m not waissting my money getting one so… when can the non-members play?

    • Read the post again lol

    • it will be available for non-members on 16 jan, 2014

    • mocktropica is out for everyone on january 14 2014

    • i am not a member and I am so frusterated also because I can not log into poptropica because of the island because it glitches and brings me back to create a player or log in and I am wondering when non members can play because I have no money for membership and my parents are mean and wont buy it for me

  3. it comes out on Jan. 16. (WHY, WHY, WHY!)

  4. The full game is coming out January, 16th, 2014.

  5. yes,Im not a member and I,m still playing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. i cant play 4 some reason

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