Mocktropica Island Bonus Quest Released!

Yesterday the Poptropica creators released the bonus quest for Mocktropica Island!  For some reason I thought it wouldn’t be out until next week when the island becomes available for everyone but I’m glad it came out early!  In the bonus quest, you have to enter the Mega Bots Fighting Arena in order to find another missing Poptropica developer.


You must defeat all of the Mega Fighting Bots in order to find the missing developer.  The ending might surprise you!  Check out the Mocktropica Island Walkthrough Guide for the full bonus quest walkthrough.  Once you beat the bonus quest, you’ll unlock a sweet new Mega Bots costume!


I think everyone should check out the bonus quest if you haven’t already!  Non-members, Mocktropica Island is less than a week away and you’re in for a fun time!


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