Mocktropica Glitch Power Available – Island Coming Soon!

Hey everyone!

On Friday they released the Mocktropica Glitch Power to Poptropica members.  This new power-up item is available at the Poptropica store.  If you’re a member, head on down to the store to get this item while you can!


When you activate the glitch power, the screen goes crazy and looks, well, glitchy.  It’s easy to turn off and on so don’t worry too much!  Try it out for yourself and see what you think!


Since they’ve started releasing the special members items for Mocktropica, that means it should be coming out very soon!  I think it’ll be out either this week or next week…and if it’s anything like the last few islands, I’m guessing it will be released on a Thursday!

Be sure to check back here for the latest Mocktropica news and remember to check out the Mocktropica Walkthrough Guide when the island is released!


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