Poptropica Tutorial Island Guide (mobile) – Step by Step Walk through

How To Find the 8 missing medallion shards of the first Island medallion!

Once you set up a Poptropica character, you can click the big green “Done” button on the right to start your adventure. You’ll land on a floating island, with a sign pointing in the rightwards direction. Signs will explain how to move, jump, and interact with other characters.


You’ll come across a pilot character, who will explain to you what Poptropica is – a place where you can explore and be the hero of the story! He also tells you that this island, Tutorial Island, is here to introduce you to the basics. You’ll need to find all the hidden items to win a prize – or, if you already know how to play, you can skip the quest by clicking the last bubble. If you do, you won’t need this guide (and, you won’t be able to get the medallion at the end!) – so we don’t recommend it.


Continue past the pilot, and follow the directions on the next sign to learn how to target jump. Tap on the screen where you want to go, and your Poptropican will jump there, as long as there’s something to jump on. Using this new skill, you can access the first medallion shard.


Now, continue right. You’ll find the next shard laying on a tree branch. After you obtain it, you can jump down below the branch and under the floating platform. On the right side, you’ll find the third shard.


Climb up the ropes back to ground level, and continue right. You’ll find a pond with fish, and a shard on the other side. Swim over to it, and jump onto the bouncy platform to obtain it. Bounce up to ground level, and then continue.


One more shard on this scene! You’ll find yourself at the end, and you could continue to the next scene – but, if you go down the ladder in front, you’ll find the fifth shard. Now, go to the next scene.


You’re next to a windmill and a crashed plane. There is a shard on the top of the rudder, which is pointing up. This one is a bit tricky; by going past the plane, you’ll be able to bounce up onto a second windmill that the plane crashed into. You can bounce onto a windmill sail to get up to the plane rudder, and obtain the shard.


Now, just a little bit past that, you’ll find the next shard in a culdesac. Once you pick that up, move on.


Once you come across the floating platform, you can jump on it and click the red button. Instead of jumping off and talking to the pilot, let the platform take you all the way up to the top of the scene, where you’ll find the last shard! Now, you can jump over to the pilot.


Talk to the pilot, and he’ll give you the Tutorial Island medallion! Congratulations!


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