Mission Atlantis Island Cheats & Walkthrough


Mission Atlantis Episode 2: Fortress of the Deep Walkthrough Guide

In episode 1 of Mission Atlantis Island, you found an amazing looking fortress at the bottom of the ocean. Now you have to find a way to get inside!


Make your way into the tunnel. You have to ram into the pink bar to break through it. Stop in front of the markings on the wall and click on them to get a picture.

Now keep traveling to the right until you see the large red circle. Enter the passage below the circle.

Inside of the passage you’ll exit your vehicle and then get into another one. You’ll find an artifact stuck inside of some piping, you need to find a way to get it out.

Arrange the pipes so that the fish will knock the artifact pieces out of the pipes. The first one is easy, just move the pipes like pictured below and then click the red button.

The next one is a little more complex but here is how the pipes should be arranged.

After you pick up the second puzzle piece, you need to send one last fish into the tank on the left. You can leave most of the piping the same and just change the left side to look like this.

The machine will power on once you send the fish inside of it. Before you exit the area, go below the tank and take a picture of the markings on the wall.

Now leave the area through the exit above the tank on the left side of the room. When you get back to the main area, you’ll see that one of the puzzle pieces is lit up.

Go through the entrance to your right to get to the next area. You will have to get through a series of gates in this next part.

What you need to do is get a jellyfish to start following you and then get it to land on the circular area. This will unlock the gates.

You need to use all of the jellyfish to unlock all of the gates. Be careful not to get too close to the jellyfish or they will sting you!

Also be sure to pick up any puzzle pieces you find on the ground. Make sure you get a picture of the markings near the top of the area too, here is the first one.

Here is the second set of markings.

The last jellyfish will need to be lured to the cage pictured below. This will activate the power for this area.

Exit the area the way that you came in and go back to the main area. Enter the next area by going through the entrance above you.

Break through the pink bars to find another puzzle piece and also a red fish will start following you.

You’ll find another set of wall markings near the top of the area.

Keep swimming upward breaking the pink bars and getting fish to follow you. Once you get near the top, you’ll attract the attention of the goblin shark.

Quickly swim all the way down to the bottom of the area as he chases you and then trap him in the cage at the bottom of the area.

Make sure you get the last picture of the markings at the very top of this area if you haven’t already.

Now exit the area through the passage at the very bottom. Now you’ll be back in the main area. All three sections should be lit up now.

Go into your inventory and click on the puzzle pieces to asseble them. Arrange the pieces so they fit in the circle.

Now drive over to the pink area where you park your pod.

Click on the sections of the wheel until they are arranged like this.

Once the wheel is arranged correctly. Open your folder of glyphs to see what order to click on the purple dots.

After you click on the dots in the correct order, the passage will open and you’ll be able to enter the lost city of Atlantis!


Now that you’ve found a way to get inside, the adventure is just beginning…



Mission Atlantis Episode 1: Into the Deep Walkthrough & Cheats Video

Video coming soon!

Mission Atlantis Written Walkthrough


When you start Mission Atlantis Island you’ll find out that Cam Jameson is shooting an underwater movie and he needs your help to get footage!
He gives you a file of the different sea creatures and tells you to find the key to the sub.
Climb up to the top of the one of the green poles and click on the bucket to spill it on the guy below you.
You’ll pick up the empty bucket after this.  Talk to the man with the red hair and you’ll see that he has the key to the sub but wont give it to you.
Jump down to the octopus that’s sitting in the life raft.  Click on the octopus and you’ll fill up the bucket with ink.
Now climb back up on the pole where you found the bucket and use your bucket of ink.  This will dump the ink on the guy’s head and he will drop the key to the sub.
Now go all the way to the left of the ship and use the key to unlock the crate where the sub is located.
Click on the sub to get inside!  Drive the sub down until you see the sea dragon.  Click on the sea dragon to start filming it.  You have to keep him in front of your sub in order to record the footage.
After you get footage of the sea dragon, keep driving down until you see the barreleye.
You need to find a way to flush him out so click on the bubble jet to block it with your sub.  Go down and click on the next bubble jet to do it again.
Move over to the right to find the third bubble jet.  Click on it to block the jet and the barreleye will come out of the cave.
Click on the barreleye to film it.  Once you have the footage, drive up and to the left and enter the cave pictured below.
Run to the left through the cave and you’ll find yourself in your sub again.  Drive down to the left to find the angler fish.
Get the orange fish to follow you down where the angler fish is.  Try to film it but you’ll need to get more fish.
Drive your sub to the right to find more fish.  You need to have 3 fish follow you to the angler fish in order to get enough footage.  Watch out for the prickly urchins because they will scare the fish!
Now leave this area and go back into the cave.  Once you go through the cave, drive your sub to the right until you see the cuttlefish.
The purple cuttlefish is using camoflage to hide so you need to get it to go somewhere where you can film it.  You need to spook the purple cuttlefish so that it swims into the red coral.
This might take a few tries to get the cuttlefish to move to the red coral reef.  When the purple cuttlefish is in the red coral, click on it to get footage.

Now drive all the way down until you see the stonefish hiding near the sea floor.
The stonefish wont come out if he can see you so hide in the yellow coral to your left.  When the stonefish comes out, click on him to get footage.
Now you’ll see a Hydromedusa.  Follow it to the right and you’ll be able to get footage of it.
While you’re filming the Hydromedusa, you get surrounded by a school of them and they send you falling to the sea floor.
Cam Jameson tells you that you need to get back to the surface but first drive to the right.  What IS that?!?
Looks like you’ve found the lost city of Atlantis!  That’s all for part one of Mission Atlantis Island…to be continued.


Mission Atlantis Release Date Announced 4/8/14

The first episode of Mission Atlantis will be released for members to play on Thursday April 17th!  The first episode of Survival Island, Crash Landing will also be available for everyone to play that day!  Mission Atlantis: Into the Deep will be available on iPad shortly after the new island comes out.

Poptropica members can get a bonus Mission Atlantis diving suit outfit.


The Creators have also released a new Mission Atlantis desktop wallpaper that looks pretty cool!


There’s even a big printable poster you can get too!


You can download both of these from the Mission Atlantis Tour Page.

Mission Atlantis Announcement 4/4/14

The Creators Blog announced the next Poptropica island on Friday!  The new island will be called Mission Atlantis and will be released in separate episodes, just like Survival Island. Mission Atlantis will bring you all the way to the bottom of the ocean to a lost mystical world, check it out!

Judging by the trailer video, it looks like you are some kind of researcher exploring the ocean…


You start off in a submarine pod made for going deep in the ocean.


As you journey deeper and deeper into the ocean you’ll see all kinds of different animals.  But then something happens and sends you traveling towards the ocean floor.


This is where I think you’ll find the lost mythical city of Atlantis!  They haven’t shown any pics of the city yet but I can’t wait to see it!

Check back to this page for a full walkthrough guide and cheats as soon as the island comes out!



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