Lost Levels of Poptropica

If you’ve been on the Daily Pop at all lately, you’ll have noticed that they’ve been posting pictures of different rooms titled “Lost Levels of Poptropica.”  These all appear to be multiverse rooms or commons areas that never made it into the game.  Each of the images have different titles but no explanation of where they from.  Take a look at the pictures and let me know what you think in the comments.

Future Fest

Country Cabin

Fantasy Forest: Looks kinda like the Enchanted Forest multiverse room doesn’t it?

Ice House

Water World: Reminds me of Shark Tooth Island.

These all look like they could be multiverse rooms right?  I wonder if we’ll ever see these levels or if they’re gone for good?  Let me know which ones you think are the coolest!


  1. when is the poptropolis games island coming back?

  2. The fish one seems cool! But i think i know why the fantasy forest never made it
    Why would you make a multiverse room that just looks like the enchanted forest?

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