Arabian Nights Ep.2: Lair of Thieves Guide!


Once you start the episode, You’re in the thieves’ lair, and there are thieves all around you. You need to avoid them and try to sneak around so you can find the Sultan’s Lamp! So jump down from the top platform that you’re on, and try to get down to the bottom. The thieves just push you back right now, they don’t capture you…yet. Once you reach the bottom, go where the down arrow is pointing.


Once you get to the next scene, you see the thieves’ telling a prisoner to pick up the lamp and put it on the altar. He’s like “the curse”, she says “Yes, it destroys anyone who puts the wrong lamp on it, so you better pick the right one then!” So he picks up a lamp and puts it on the altar, he thinks he got it right until the screen turns red then he explodes into dust!

Just as he’s gone, a piece of wood broke, and you fall to the ground! They capture you and put you in a cell!

Once you get into your cell, there’s this prisoner on the right that you are having a convo with. You start telling him about the Sultan’s lamp quest & he says I might have something to help you on your quest, meet me at my cell door without being seen.


To get out you cell, push your bed over the mudish-floor and jump onto the ceiling, it will crack and let you through, push the wrecking ball over onto the floor of your room which breaks the bed.

Now, that your out of your cell, go right into the next area (don’t worry we will come back for the prisoner). Once you get to the next area, hop into the water and jump onto the treasure chest, then on the statue. Stay there until he turns his back around then  jump on altar and get the White Garb. After you get it you have to dye it black, before you do that though, jump up to the right and pick up the Quicksilver! Then head right to the next area.

Once you get to the area, run right fast and hop up onto the top platform with the knives and axes. Wait for the girl to get some Oil, the hop down quick and dye your White Garb black. You will get the Thieves Garb. Then go back up on the platform and wait for her to do it again, go right into the room and hop up and pick up the Gunpowder.

After you get the Thieves Garb, put it on, and you’re invisible to all the thieves! They think that you are one of them so you can walk by them with no problem. As long as you have the garb on, you will not be captured. Saying that, go back all the way back to the jailcell area.

Once you get they hop up on the platforms, once you reach the top, run all the way left and then go down the platforms. You see to the right a skin, pick it up and it’s a Viper Skin.


Now, continue going down until you reach the bottom and go right, past the guard, and you will see the prisoner’s cell above you. Jump up and talk to him, he gives you a Magic Sand Formula, which you have already collected 3 of the 4 items.

To get the last item, head right to the lamp area, go up to the top platform (where you fell through and got captured in the first place) and go to the area above, which is the area you started out at. Once you get to the area, go up to where two thieves are guarding the Borax, and pick it up. Now leave, go back to the lamp scene, and head right to the Oil scene.


Once you get to the Oil scene, run right all the way to the room where the Gunpowder was in. Start crafting your Magic Sand recipe. Copy what I have in the picture below (there are multiple ways to do it, but this one’s the easiest).


Once you mix it, you get the Magic Sand! You can equip it, and press spacebar to use it. You can use it on mudish-floor to get through.

Right after you’re done making the formula, the girl with the lamp on the left notices you. She throws the lamp in your room, which has gunpowder in it, it explodes and you are without your Garb! To get out the room, use the Magic Sand on the mudish-floor to the right to slide through. Go back left to the jailcell area.

For this part, itwill be one of the longer parts of the episodes, it’s going to be long and hard to explain the process of completing the part, so I did a picture. The gaps in the floor are where you are supposed to use the Magic Sand to get through. (Where the last arrow points down on the map is where I stop the directions and take over).


Once you get through the first area of Magic Sand, and use it on the second one of the map, the place where you are supposed to use it has a wrecking ball on it, use the magic sand and it knocks out the guy below. You get the Prison Key.


So once you get to the final arrow pointing down on the picture above, use the magic sand and the wrecking ball falls on him, which knocks him out. Then run right and climb up to the prisoner’s cell, use the Prison Key and get him out. He now follows you, so run right to the lamp scene. He tells you to follow him quietly, so you do and he says we need to distract the guy away from his money so we can get to the Lamps. Hop up and use the magic sand on the mudish-floor beneath the money, the money falls and he jumps after it, counting it in the water xD. Now continue onto the lamps.

Once you get to the lamps, the sultan says his lamp looks like no other, and all the lamps there are in pairs. So move a couple away in the top right corner and you find the Sultan’s Lamp! So give it too the Prisoner and he says we have to return it to the Sultan right away. Then all of a sudden, Brutus & the lamp girl come. They want the lamp, so the prisoner jumps up grabs a lamp and puts it on the altar! He sacrificed himself so you can get away! She tells Brutus to come after you and you run away.

When you try to escape Brutus, its fairly easy, use the Magic Sand to take out the land below the thieves & avoid the barrels being throw at you. Once you reach the end and nowhere to go when Brutus has you cornered, click on the barrel and it will roll towards him and explode which knocks down a platform so you can get up.


When you get up you go right and press on the button to bring you up, but there are thieves in there and the lamp girl has you cornered! She brings you back to the lamp scene and forces you to put the lamp on the altar. The episode ends right then! Such a cliffhanger! Congrats! You completed the 2nd episode of Arabian Nights!

I hope you enjoyed this guide an if you want to see the my personal review of the episode click here!


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