How to Beat Betty Jetty on Poptropica

Beating Betty Jetty on Poptropica is pretty easy once its explained to you. It did take me a while the first time I did it. To help you out I have put together a written walkthrough as well as a video walkthrough of how to beat and capture her! Check them out below and let me know if it helped you!

How to Capture Betty Jetty Written Walkthrough

So how do you beat Betty Jetty? Well its pretty simple. Check out the list below!

  • First follow her with your arrow
  • She will then shoot 4 green things at you every now and then.
  • After she shoots these green things at you, fling your mouse forward towards her
  • Each time you do this you will get a little closer to her!
  • It takes about ten times and you will capture Betty Jetty!

I hope my guide and cheats helped you! Leave a comment below!

  1. well how do you fly?

  2. i will beat her

  3. Where can I find Jetty Betty?

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