Help Dig Up the Poptropolis Games!


The Poptropolis Games are coming very soon BUT they need your help to dig them up!  Go to your travel map and you’ll find a platform above where the Poptropolis Games sank.


Go hop into the diving chamber to the right of the dock and start swimming down to the ocean floor.  Watch out for fish!


Keep swimming all the way to the bottom of the ocean floor and you’ll be able to help dig up the Poptropolis games!


After you help dig up the games, you’ll return to the dock above the water.  The guy up there will let you know that digging will help your tribe and that you can dig as many times as you want.


There’s also a ferry on the left side of the dock that will take you to your tribe’s common room.  It’s a fun place to talk to other members of your tribe so check it out!


Do your part and make your tribe proud by helping dig up the Poptropolis Games!  The tribe who digs the most will forever be immortalized in the Poptropolis Games!


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  2. i have done many times to do this but no restart the island then what

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