Happy Thanksgiving & Free Shrink Ray gun in store!


Hey everyone! I first want to say to everyone here, Happy Thanksgiving from the authors & owner of Poptropica World! We couldn’t do this blog without you viewers, you all are special too us and we won’t forget all that you have done for us! Poptropica also had a special message for its players on Thanksgiving! They wanted to thank “the Poptropicans who play the game, who write fan blogs, who share their feedback with us, and who spread the word among their friends.”  Aw thank you creators! I wish I can give you real food but we are thousands of miles apart 😛

Free Shrink Ray Gun

Think of this as a Thankgiving present! The Shrink Ray Gun from Shrink Ray Island  is now free in the store! This item was gold card item which was previously worth 250 credits O:! To use the gun, press space bar, and the gun will shrink any character you point it at. 😀



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