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Great Pumpkin Island is a Halloween themed Poptropica Island that features all of the Charlie Brown Characters. If you don’t remember Charlie Brown it was a TV show from a while back. They had an episode called “It’s the Great Pumpkin” and that is exactly what this island is named after!

So what exactly do you do on Great Pumpkin Island? Well, you get to play a bunch of mini games with Lucy, help Snoopy escape from what is called the Red Baron, play Shroeder’s piano with him, and even convince Linus that the Great Pumpkin does not exist, if you can!

So watch the Great Pumpkin Island Walkthrough guide below to help you finish this Halloween adventure.

Ask Charlie Brown if everyone is going to the party.  Run to your right and talk to Linus.  You have to help Lucy find the heaviest pumpkin, this can take a few tries.  They ask you to help move the pumpkin and you respond “sure”.

Push the pumpkin to your left, up the hill and through the log.  This can be tricky if the pumpkin rolls back and breaks.  Keep pushing it all the way to Lucy and Linus in the house.  They reward you with a trick or treat bag.  Exit the house and run to your right.

Take your trick or treat bag out and give it to Pig Pen.  He will give you a yellow sucker in return.  Run back to your left and go inside the house to give the sucker to Linus.  He gives you a party invitation for the sucker.  Pick up the pen off of the table then leave the house.

Go to your left and talk to Charlie Brown.  Your next task is to get five leaves into the pile by keeping them in the air with Snoopy.  This takes some practice to figure out when to click and blow the leaves up in the air.  When you complete the task, run to your right and talk to Linus, he lost his blanket.

Run back to your left and click on the pile of leaves.  Keep clicking until you can see his blanket in the pile.  Run back to your right and give Linus his blanket.  After you talk to him, run to your left and talk to Lucy.  Give them the pen so they can sign the agreement.

Pick up the football and use it in front of Snoopy to get his attention.  Your next challenge is to fly around as Snoopy for a minute and avoid the Red Baron.  After you survive the flight, you must run without being seen by the spotlight.  First hide behind the rock then in the dirt pile.

Next hide behind the dirt mound, then the hay pile, then in the water.  You’ll finally reach a shed.  Jump on top of it and hide behind the chimney.  Then drop down and go to the right.  You will pick up a Halloween mask.  Put on your mask and enter the door with the broken glass.

Once you’re inside, talk to Lucy and go bobbing for apples.  Try to click as many apples as you can when they pop up.  Next you need to draw a jack o lantern on Charlie Brown’s head.  After that, you have to remember where the pumpkin was and put the pieces in the right spots.

Then go over to Schroeder on the piano and hit the keys as the notes fall down.  When you go outside, follow the other kids to go trick or treating.  Click on the door to ring the doorbell at each house.  Jump up to catch the treats as they throw them out of the house.

After trick or treating, run to your right until you see Sally and Linus.  Click on Sally then take out your bag of candy and give it to them.  Stay with Linus and then Lucy will come out and give you a gold coin.  That’s it!

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