Poptropica Giant Islands Cheats & Walkthrough – IOS Game

In the Giant Islands group, there are 3 islands that you will be traveling to and using to complete your mission. Below, you will find some cheats and the walkthrough of the Giant Islands!

When you first get to the island group, go to the main island which should be right above you. When you get on the island, go right until you see the man with the sword shown in the picture below! His name is chuck. He is the archaeological crew leader.

Giant Island Walkthrough (7)

Chuck wants your help checking out a mysterious monster. Once you are done talking to him, continue right to check out the giant that Chuck had spoken about. You will find out that the mysterious monster he was talking about is just a skeleton. Once you have found the skeleton, go back and let Chuck know. He will tell you that he has seen monster bones laying around the island and that he wants you to collect them and bring them back to him. There are 5 bones that you will need to find.

Giant Island Walkthrough (2)

After you have found all 5 bones, bring them back to Chuck. Once you have done this, you will need to put the bones together by tapping on your screen. Once you have tapped enough, the bones will be put together and you will see the monster! It is a dinosaur.

Giant Island Walkthrough (14)

Pretty cool huh!? That will be it for the main mission on this island. However, there is a side mission that you can complete! For now, you will receive another artifact called The Mabaya Emerge. You will also receive 200 credits.

Giant Island Walkthrough (3)

Now lets get started with the side mission. This is pretty short but I will give you a cheat walkthrough any way just so you have everything you need to get through it!

Click on your Blimp icon in the top right hand corner of your screen and go to the island with the purple scroll on it. This should be the island right below you within the Giant Islands Group.

Once you get on the island, go right, watching out for the spiky mushrooms, until you get to a red head girl with a magnifying glass. Talk to her.

Giant Island Walkthrough (11)

She will ask you to find a few things for her. These things include her sleeping bag and a pair of binoculars. These are some things she needs to camp out on the island! She has been camping out here for so long that she is running out of supplies and needs your help. Now let,s find the two objects. Once you are done talking to her, go right. The first thing you should come to is the green sleeping bag. It will be not to far from where you met the girl.

Giant Island Walkthrough (10)

Now you need to head left past the spiky mushrooms and the binoculars should be laying on the ground. Pick them up and go give the objects to the girl. She will thank you and give you 100 credits!

Giant Island Walkthrough (6)

That is it for the Giants Island Walkthrough guide. It was a pretty short island compared to some of them but was still fun. What did you think?

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