Free Games Like Poptropica Online – Best of 2018

Poptropica is an amazing game and continues to grow in both registered users and game content. But what can you do when you are waiting for the next island to come out after you have passed all of the rest already? Why not play some online games like Poptropica for free?!

Below I have posted a list of some great games out there that all share similarities to Poptropica in 2018. Some are packed with a bit more action but I think you will find you will enjoy them all if you tried them!


WoozWorld – This is a completely browser based online virtual world. It requires no download to play and is completely free. You basically create an avatar in WoozWorld and join a community of other players (millions at this point). So what do you get to do in WoozWorld? Well you can basically create your own virtual world by designing your own virtual space, throwing parties, hang with friends, play mini games and even join contents to win prizes. WoozWorld differs from Poptropica in the way that there is not really missions to complete. Still, it is a great game to check out.

Wizard 101 – This game is similar to Poptropica in the way that you do have missions and adventures to complete. However, this is a world filled with magic and is full of action and spell battles. Not only can you complete the missions, but you can also battles other players. The graphics are amazing and the player base is huge. If you are ready for a step up in gaming then you have to try Wizard 101! The game-play is very much like Poptropica’s but the style of play is quite different! Just a heads up.


Fantage – Fantage is one of the closest related games to Poptropica but I believe it is a step down in regards to age. I think older players play Poptropica and younger users stick with Fantage. Still, it has made the list and is a great game to check out. The walkthroughs are not as in depth and the game-play is not as intriguing but it’s up to you to decide if you like it or not!


Elsworld – Similarities to Poptropica include style of game-play (Side scrolling map), completing missions, beating bosses, and graphics and design. However, this is more of an action packed “kill the enemy” game where you run through your enemies slashing and destroying them with your weapon of choice! It is truly a fun and amazing game but is a step up from Poptropica. I would recommend it if Poptropica’s game-play just does not excite you anymore!

Here is a video with some previews of these games!

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  1. I know a good game LIKE poptropica well kinda LIKE poptropica and its called Club Penguin

  2. yeah i have a club pehguin account its 20045dan.
    and we are kids we want to play it because it has lots of adventure.

  3. What about roblox? Its a great gam

  4. I have all of those things lol i hate fantage childesh and i love CP my name is bepasha123

  5. club penguin is great and all but it needs quests like poptropica has

  6. I tried woozworld and downloaded wizard 101 but i havent played it yet…woozworld is a crazy place!!

  7. iam on cp too but i hate it because nearly everything needs membership

  8. there is this game called Animal Jam. its really fun!

  9. if you are polish, eeerrrrrrr… im polish too an i love to play ROBLOX, MINECRAFT, poptropica, Panfu, clubpenguin, Realm Of The Mad God and my club penguin account
    is Barto08

  10. Hi! I play woozworld and MovieStarPlanet my woozworld name is CarlyRJepsonWW and my movie star planet names are: CherryBACKUP & CherryRepublic

  11. i love poptropica but i also really lovo fantage

  12. fantage needs to grow up, wizard 101 is a rip off unless you have unlimited realms, and woozworld is just slow and pointless. POPTROPICA RULES!!

  13. I think my top 2 favorite games online is: poptropica and minecraft


      • sorry about the mad face. It’s just my best friend is addicted to minecraft.

        • yeah everyone plays it! I have never played it before.

          • i have never played it before two

          • The demo (for Minecraft) is to fun but you have pay to get the full version. πŸ™

          • you should try it its fun

  14. I really <3 Poptropica, but also Maplestory is awesome, too. πŸ™‚

    • Poptropica
      and Minecraft rulez!!!!!!!!!!! X-D

  15. I agree with smaller joker its pointless! I love poptropica it rules and its so fun

  16. I love youtube!

  17. you follow the rules and stay healthy kids and stay in school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I love fantage and poptropica but I cant choose just one though am I right

  19. How about animal jam?there are lots of adventure and games over there!

  20. GO CLUB PENGUIN oh and go poptropica

  21. Animal Jam is an ok game, I play both Poptropicca and Animal Jam, and I believe they are both fun. I got ban from Wolfhome, so I’m now a fan of these 2 games. You should try them if you aren’t already! My username on Animal Jam is AnimalJamWolf283112 and my username on Poptropica is BetaAngel. Buddy me please! πŸ˜€

    • My username for animaljam is Bria123dancer1234. I play tfm, fantage, poptropica, and roblox, and of course, animal jam. My youtube channel is Brianna AJ If you have any questions email me my email is

  22. oh yeah and a new promo code drhare5000 you will get a dr hare balloon

  23. I love playing poptropica not any other game

  24. no game in the world like poptropica

  25. no game in the world like poptropica
    I love playing poptropica

  26. I play Club Penguin all the time! πŸ™‚ I’ve been on there longer than Poptropica (I joined CP in late 2007/early 2008 and Poptropica in 2008)! I’m White Thunder in Poptropica and Frosty793 in Club Penguin. πŸ™‚ Feel free to add me! πŸ˜€

  27. You know, pirate101 is like Poptropica too. I mean if wizard101 is XD

  28. monkeyquest is pretty cool

  29. its not cool likea wow popotropic

  30. I have a account on wizard 101 (someone have a account)

  31. monkeyquest is my kind of game πŸ™‚

  32. minecraft is fun

  33. animal jam is fun to

  34. monkey quest

  35. I also like Pirate101! You guys should try it. The creator is the same as Wizard101 and you also have missions. The fighting method is different but I think you guys a figure it out.

  36. i need more poptropica codes

  37. I love all these games

  38. You can also try pixie hollow, well, its not like poptropica but still, I like the game.

  39. I like ROBLOX and MINECRAFT ON THE XBOX 360 =) My XBOX LIVE ACOUNT IS: Cukooagate9

  40. Poptropoca should let you type ur OWN messages. Its kinda boring just picking ones that are already there. It would be so much better!! But of course they will have to monitor what people say, but this could make more people wanna play it :33 just a suggestion

    • But did you know the maker of diary of a wimpy kid made poptropica? And ps trying to keep us safe.

  41. Games I like: Poptropica, wawagames. minecraft, roblox, fantage ESPICALLY FANTAGE! , friv, tankionline, zwinky, legend of Zelda, stardoll πŸ™‚ and binweevils

  42. i love roblox i used to play it everyday

  43. Hey guys I have 25 islands but………. I do have cp but my username for poptropica is aidan19803 my cp usernames
    for cp are aidan2002 aidan2010

  44. Oh and I am 8 and I have a german shepherd ok so bye

    • Really???? Wow, I have been searching all over for that!!!


  45. i play smallworlds cp and panfu etc. smallworlds is awsome friend me brian jerrel the 1st lol lots of stuff used to be vip

  46. I love wooz and roblox and poptrop πŸ˜€

  47. Um, I’ve done those others before…. they’re BORING! Plz put something like moviestar planet, adventure quest worlds, Roblox and Club Penguin…. but more fun!

    • msp is my life, MSP is as fun a poptropica, but ive passed every island on poptropica including the latest one virus attack, so now poptropica is kinda boring. i need new websites like popropica but biger more fun, and better.

    • For girls there is sparkcityworld try it they have a bf update!

  48. You could put club penguin is the list above!

  49. Did you see the road to captain thinnknoodles? It is the most awesome serieal I have ever seen! Its about thinknoodles trying to play all the islands in poptropica to be Γ‡aptain Thinknoodles’, The ultimate citizen of poptropica. He is also famouse for Club Penguin and Minecraft.

  50. Add me!!! peanutbaba.

  51. all are coool

  52. I like love the game

  53. i know onother game like poptropica it is called monkey quest

  54. poptropica and fantage are the only games i like oh and CP is good too

  55. i know some: MOSHI MONSTERS (is awesome game) CLUB PENGUIN (best party coming up is coins for change) ANIMAL JAM (its chriiiistttmassss there) and finaly you… POPTROPICA! (gets SomeTiMeS boring after completion on ALL islands πŸ™ )

  56. Club Penguin,
    Moshi Monsters,

  57. Poptropica NEVER bores me!!!
    You should try out Family Barn. I;m twelve, so I can’t, but you can play it o FB. I play it on It’s a GREAT site! Check it out. Btw, ggg stands for girls go!
    And you should check out They have both boy/girl games. And


  59. My favourite game is club penguin

  60. Got any for 2014, y’all?

  61. Stardoll is like poptropica too……it’s for all ages……just make an account for free!

  62. Add me on poptropica! ke$ha5058 Im a member.. πŸ˜‰

  63. guys friend my username! grapeapplesauceFreind copy the capitals copy it and paste it! in the comments i want to see add me comments then i will give you more friends to add!

  64. ok i guess i will give you another one ok you get the captaincrawfish 2 ways to friend them copy these names the first copy name is captaincrawfish and 2 copy affter captaincrawfish is copy captaincrawfish Ok! in the comments i want to see add me comments then i will give you more friends to add!

  65. and im a member on club penguin not poptropica πŸ™

  66. Hey guys I know a way to get a free memebrship on club penguin. add me i am shesa i have got the employee of the month award. and i know a way for adding items to ur account without buying it

  67. give me the membership now
    i will get pissed of

  68. please put animaljam and clubpenguin!

  69. Fantage,Poptropica and Club Penguin are awesome but Club Penguin is a bit boring

  70. I love playing club penguin,secretbuilders,fantage,Moshi Monsters,and

    I’m Pepperberry1 on club penguin.

  71. really?? tell us annaya

  72. This is the only game that I like. No more. I think Poptropica is great for everybody because you can travel to any island including the two islands in the Poptropica Store. The first island is Early Poptropica and you name the second one.

  73. I know, I know. Stop talking about Club Penguin. Last time I played it I made my penguin and I only played once and then I had to restart. And this is POPTROPICA.

  74. Did you know I’ve got Thinknoodles in my friend’s list.

  75. I NEED THEM ALL <3

  76. i like club penguin because i am a member a membership is five bucks

  77. five bucks for a membership on club penguin is 12 months a full year

  78. roblox is a good game for real zzzzzzzzzs

  79. anyone play roblox

  80. I play poptropica and in fb avenger alilliance

  81. Actualy my poptropican name is zippy monster and 530 is nicklotean chanal number

  82. anyone play knight fable

  83. I really dont like club penguin its plain boring unless you have a membership and if you dont have a membership you can barely buy anything. No offense club penguin lovers.

    Games i suggest: Animal jam, Poptropica, Minecraft, Fantage, Tfm (Transformice) and Roblox.

    My youtube channel is Brianna AJ Be sure to check it out and subscribe it! (Its the one with the 3D fox in a crouch thats pink blue and white)

  84. to get member ship you have to go to the store and by a club panguin membership. Its really stupid though all u get is stupid cloes.

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