Game Show Island Walkthrough Poptropica Cheats

The Poptropica Game Show Island walkhrough is now available! On this island, you take the role of a human in the future where robots have taken over everything! Robots don’t serve humans in this world, humans serve robots!

When exploring the adventure of Game Show Island, your goal is to give hope back to the humans by simply taking part in and winning different games and solving different puzzles. You will find yourself traveling to many different zones within the island to complete this mission!

Check out the walkthrough below to help you win the games and get through the whole island restoring humanity as we know it.

Start off by going to the left and jumping up the Robo-Bling Boutique.  Jump all the way to the roof to pick up the toolkit.  Drop back down and walk to the left.  Enter the factory and walk to the left.

Jump up on the large cube then up to the right.  Click the green button to raise the crane then jump off and click on the computer.  Jump up to the next level and take out your toolkit near the power boxes.

You must move the screwdriver above the bolts and turn it to the left to loosen them.  Flip the breaker switch and drop down.  They give you a fan as a reward.  Exit the factory and walk to the right until you see the large gold robot in front of Club Noveau Riche.

Go inside and walk to the right, take out your fan and use it on the woman by the purple couch.  She gives you a nickel.  Exit the building and run back to the left past the factory.  You’ll see a guy walking to the left of the factory.  Give him the nickel.

He gives you a set of heat vision goggles in return.  Go back to Club Noveau Riche and put on the heat vision goggles.  Something went up the vent shaft!  Exit the club and equip your fan to boost you up to this window.

Take out your tools and use the screwdriver to unscrew the bolts here.  Enter the window and you’ll find a guy up there.  He gets scared and runs away.  Jump up and run to the right, push the record player over to the right then try to climb the ladder up to the man.

He knocks you down so keep running to the right and climb up the cables, then climb up the ladder to the exit door.  Take out your heat vision goggles to see the code.  The door code is 2014 then hit enter.  You catch him up on the roof and he says you have to be a game show champion to inspire the human race.

Take out the jet remote control he gives you and hop in it to fly to Istanbul.  Run to the right until you see a guy in a hard hat.  Ask him if you can help.  You have to move the pieces over, one by one to remake the pillars.  It should look like this when you are done.

He gives you a ticket to compete on the Scaredy Pants game show.  Take it out and use it.  You have to swim down to the glow stick at the bottom of the level.  Swim back after you pick it up!

For the second challenge you have to pick up the creatures one by one and put them in the right bins.  The last challenge you have to make your way across the tightrope.  Go slowly and use the pole for balance.  This may tae a few tries.

After you win the contest, call for your jet and fly to Miami.  Walk to the right and ask the guy what you can do.  You have to jump up and tilt the ladders so that the prizes gently fall down to him.

The last one is the hardest since it’s all the way at the top of the building.  Take your time and make sure the ladders are properly pointed.  He gives you a ticket to play on the Spin for Riches game show.  Take it out and use it.

Spin For Riches

Here are all of the questions and answers on the Spin for Riches game show:

Q: “A Cat and a US President.”
A: Garfield

Q: A man with many emotions.
A: Chuck Norris

Q: Nobody can call him a blockhead.
A: Phineas.

Q: Who hates Lady Gaga’s wardrobe?
A: Her drycleaner

Q: He invented the Moon Walk, not Michael Jackson.
A: Neil Armstrong.

Q: If you see these, come inside.
A: Cumulonimbus Clouds

Q: George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, not John Adams.

Q: Song was dedicated to Darth Vader.
A: Every Breath You Take.

Q: Not bugs, the band.
A: John Paul George and Ringo.

Q: Two great tastes that taste great together.
A: Peanut Butter and Jelly.

Q: Spaceman Spiff’s alter ego.
A: Calvin.

Q: Frog advice.
A: Look before you leap

Q: Their life is sweet.
A: Zack and Cody.

Q: A weekend to text a friend that you’re sick or a movie.
A: Saturday night fever.

Q: You should be on your feet when you hear it.
A: The National Anthem.

After you win the game, call your jet and go to Buenos Aires.  Run to the left and talk to the big gold robot.  Help him turn the dial until the hose is aligned.

The robot gives you a ticket to the Kerplunk game show.  Take it out and use it to compete on the show.  You have to run through the course and avoid the obstacles.  Watch the video guide to see how to navigate the course.  The second course is a bit more difficult.

Watch out for falling platforms on the third level!  Call your jet after you’ve won the challenges.  Fly to Moscow and walk to the right when you land.  Ask the yellow and blue robot if you can help.  You have to guess the helicopter code.

Make the bottom row of windows all yellow.  Then make the second row have two purple on the left and two yellow on the right.  Make the next row have two yellow ones on the right, then an orange, then a purple on the far left.

Jump up to the top of the building and the robot will give you a ticket to Brainiacs.  Take it out and use it.

Brainiacs is a pretty easy game, try to choose a subject you’re good at and you should have no problem answering the questions.  After you win the game, call your jet to come get you.  Fly to Tokyo for the next game show.

When you get there, walk to right and talk to the robot near the service entrance.  Enter the building and complete the electric circuit to fix the power.  This is how all four sides should look starting with the top left.

Bottom Left

Bottom Right

Top Left

After you solve the puzzle a message comes on that says they need another contestant for the show!  Use the ticket to compete on Mr Yoshi’s Super Terrific Challenge show.

You must stack the blocks to spell YOSHI for the first challenge.  Click the egg repeatedly for the second challenge to break out of it.  The third challenge is you have to run into the bowling pins to knock them down before time runs out.

After you win, exit the gameshow and call your jet.  Fly back to Main Street and you’ll find out that Holmes is out to get you!  Jump down and climb down the manhole cover.  You’ll find the man from earlier down there.

Run to the left and click on the green computer screen.  Rearrange the pieces so they look like this.

A robot cop comes down to stop you.  Run to the left to the next green computer.  It should look like this.

Go down the hatch to your left and then walk to the right.  The third computer screen should look like this.

Go down the next hatch to the final computer screen.  Arrange the pieces like this.

Go down the last hatch and walk over to the computer.  Take out the thumb drive and put it in the computer.  This will shut down the evil computer and you will receive the Game Show Island Medallion!  You’re a real winner!

So how did the walkthrough help you!? Did you have any trouble with the puzzles and games? The written Game Show Island Guide will be available shortly for you!

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