Galactic Hot Dog: more sneak peeks & a follower

Hey everyone! I was looking around on Poptropica’s Twitter today and found some interesting stuff about Galactic Hot Dog Island! So lets get on with the post!

Galactic Hot Dog: scene from island

The creators just recently posted this awesome sneak peek of a scene on Galactic Hot Dog Island!



In the picture above, you can see the Neon Wiener on the bottom right corner of the image. It looks like it’s on a planet, and maybe we have to explore it? Next to the Neon Wiener, there’s some weird-colored terrain, oddly-shaped trees and plants, and some crazy monsters floating in the air moving back and forth, which shows to get past the scene, we have to use them as a platform to reach the other side.

Galactic Hot Dog Island: F.R.E.D Follower



The creators also posted this is an unreleased item card called the “F.R.E.D. Follower“. If any of you are wondering how the item is related to the upcoming Galactic Hot Dog Island, F.R.E.D is a flying robot that keeps the Neon Wiener running without a problem. Also, on the card, the item says free, so it looks like the card will be free to everyone! Anyway, that’s it! have a great day!




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