Galactic Hot Dog Island: a Daily Pop sneak peek

Hey everyone! I went on Poptropica this morning and went go look at the Daily Pop and saw some interesting sneak peeks of Galactic Hot Dog Island from what I can tell! Here’s the sneak peeks below (with captions):

Over the past couple of weeks, since Galactic Hot Dog Island was confirmed, there was questions unanswered such as: Is the island going to be in Poptropica style or Galactic Hot Dog style which is the comic form (like Big Nate)? Well now it’s pretty obvious! The creators are going with the Galactic Hot Dog Style and making it original as possible!

From what the pictures above show, we’ll be flying through space in Cosmoe’s Neon Wiener (pic here), floating past asteroids in space, eating, and bouncing on mushrooms! If anyone is confused about this upcoming island, Galactic Hot Dog, is graphic novel series published on Funbrain (Poptropica’s partner), and you can the comic for free online. The comic is about a boy named Cosmoe who travels through space on adventures and runs into problems all over the universe! Anyway, that’s it! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


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