Free Poptropica Membership Giveaway Winner Announced!

Today I randomly chose the winner for the free Poptropica membership giveaway!  Congratulations to Jestine P, winner of this free membership giveaway!

Thanks again to everyone for sharing the contest with your friends!  Be sure to check back this week for a Virus Hunter Island walkthrough guide.  Be the first of your friends to beat the new island!

If you didn’t win the contest this time, don’t worry!  I’ll be giving away another free membership soon!



  1. Hi I just seen your free membership giveaway, and I want to know is SkyBoy303 your Poptropica username. Mine is johnsmith99 and johnsmith140 i’ll add you as my friend. Thanks.

  2. im not a member at all and it sounds fun

  3. I didn’t see a Jestine P in the comments on the contest.

  4. im

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