Free Poptropica Membership Giveaway – Special Edition

Hey guys!  So as I said yesterday, we’re having another free Poptropica membership giveaway!  I thought the pick a number idea was cool last time didn’t you?  We’re doing that again but this time there is a special twist!

If you “Like” us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, you will be able to make a second guess at what number I picked!  That’s right, two guesses!

But what if I’m already following you on Twitter or have already liked our Facebook page?

You can either tweet a link to this contest or share the contest with your Facebook friends!  Click either of the links below, easy as that!


This time I’ll be guessing a number between 100-250.

Be sure to read all of the rules below before entering, good luck!

Poptropica Giveaway Rules

1) To enter you need to leave a comment on this post with your guess, Any number 100-250

2) You are allowed to guess twice BUT you have to “Like” our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter to earn your second guess.

3) I will announce the winner on Tuesday morning so you will have all weekend to enter the contest.  Get your guesses in early because whoever guesses the number first wins!

4) For every 100 likes we get on facebook we will giveaway another membership! So tell your friends to like our page on facebook. You can find our page by clicking here

5) Be sure to enter an email you have access to! I will email the winners at their email address provided. (it can be a backup email but if you can’t login you won’t be able to get the code obviously)

That’s it! Good luck to everyone and be sure to tell all your friends about our website and facebook page! The more people that visit and like our facebook page the more memberships we will give away! Increasing your chances to win a free poptropica membership!

– Skyboy303

  1. i think 223 is the number

  2. i think the num is 373

  3. My first guess is 183 and my secomd guess is 174.

    • Uh sorry SkyBoy I did this comment and the name is different cause I did it in my mobile and I thought my name was Joel Roxx but the Email ID is same.

      Hope I won. 🙂

      • By the way my facebook name is Joel Abraham Orethu and my Twitter name is Joel Orethu.

  4. I think its 207

  5. 213

  6. I’m going with 175.

  7. I’m thinking the number 224

  8. i hope the number is 117

  9. I BET ITS 199

  10. well im not sure if i know the number but i really wanna be a member on poptropica so my guess is 154 .-. please tell me im right btw im poptropica my USER:dragasor and my PASS:j***** 😀 hope i win

  11. My guesses are 145 and 200

  12. First guess: 230
    Second Guss: 180

  13. hmm…. i think it is…. 127

  14. my guess is 173

  15. 111 or 222

  16. 150

  17. 152 and second is 248

  18. well……..
    It was my dream to become a member.
    So I think the number is 123 or 207

  19. 250
    i Really hope i win btw im a great fan of urs 🙂
    i followed you 🙂

  20. 127
    Thank You.

  21. i think 69 my second guess is 150

  22. I think the number is 103 (:

  23. 200 is your number

  24. 225

  25. 112 I believe

  26. I will say 142

  27. I think the number is 205

  28. It must be…… 145

  29. I think the number is 201

  30. I’m going to go with 189 😉

  31. I think it’s 176

  32. It might also be 234

  33. I must win this membership!!!!!!! I say the the number is 172! Please let it be!!

  34. I think the number is 167 or 213! 🙂

  35. I hope its 169

  36. I think its 150

  37. My first guess is 173 and my second guess is 107

  38. First guess- 116
    Second guess- 169

  39. i think the number is either 58 or 2

  40. 232

  41. My guess is 124!

  42. I think 226 and 173

  43. 150 or 160

  44. my first guess is 199 and my second guess is 143

  45. my second guess is 101

  46. 157

  47. I think it is 225

  48. i think it is 125

  49. I think it’s 213

  50. since I habve liked it on fb… it might be 173

  51. Uhguys i have been crying for my dad to give me member ship but he yells and says NEVER!!!!! Please give it to me if your kind people my number 169 please i am still crying

  52. 175

  53. 234

  54. Omg! I can’t pick! I guess i’ll just have to go with a random one then. How about 199? It’s nice of you to leave a free membership. 🙂 I’ve never gotten any though. I hope i can win, and even though i don’t, i’ll still be glad i joined your contest.

  55. 101 is my guess…
    wonder if i won?

  56. oh and… if no body got the number, will the person with the closest guess without going under or over the number win?

  57. its 250

  58. 1st- 189

  59. I think the number is 150!!

  60. my guess is 2

  61. i think it’s 138 or 248

  62. I think 194 or 578

  63. i think 162 was the number

  64. 1st: 351
    2nd: 240

  65. I think it is 151.

  66. I was wondering how you put a picture next to your comment??????????????????

  67. 1. 200
    2. 230

  68. People will think i’m a lame youtuber if i don’t have a membership.
    The number is…
    Guess 1: 150
    Guess 2: 172

  69. my guess is 100-250

  70. 🙂

  71. 164

  72. My guesses are hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
    168 and 201

  73. i think it is num 303

  74. i think 150 and 205

  75. my guess is 199

  76. 205

  77. 200 or155

  78. i guess 150

  79. i think 160 and 165

  80. 100 or 250

  81. i think it is 207

  82. 227

  83. i m a really big fan because i finish all poptropica twise and that not all in 3

  84. but i really want a membership:D

  85. people we have been begging for membership since april 18 and what did we get,nothing!!!

  86. My guess is 171

  87. my guess is 100

  88. its so funny

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