Early Poptropica Island Cheats & Walkthrough Guide

Early Poptropica Island is one of the first and easiest islands to explore when first starting to play Poptropica. The basis behind this island is helping some settlers find a few items that just so happened to be stolen by thieves. Below I will walk you through how to recover these items along with tell you about all the Early Poptropica Cheats and Secrets. So lets get to it! You can either watch the video walkthrough guide below or you can read through the written cheat guide below that! Using both will probably make it the easiest.

To begin you need to get to Early Poptropica Island. To do so, get yourself on Main Street. Use your map if you need help. Once on Main Street, you need to make your character go right until you run into the Early Poptropica sign. You can enter by clicking on the sign. Go right one more time after clicking on the sign to enter the island.

Once on the island, go right until you see three men or settlers. Talk to the third one. This settler will tell you that he thinks his pig was stolen by a spider. After talking to this man, keep going right and you will run into another man next to a well. He will tell you that someone took a bucket from him. There should be a rope very close to this settler. climb it all the way to the top and talk to the man you see there. he will tell you he is missing a flag.

After you have found out the three items that are missing, go back to the man that told you about the bucket. You should see a well very close to him. Go down the well and then down the rope you see which will take you down to Storage Cavern. Make your character jump down to the left where you should now be on a green platform. Looking towards the top left of where your character is, you should see another green platform. Jump to that one and then to the brown platform even more to your left.

You will see a rope on this platform. Climb this rope and it will take you to another brown platform on the right side of the rope. Jump to the platform right above you from here and grab the glow stick that you should see. Now leave the Storage Cavern the way you got in.

Once you have gotten out of the Storage Cavern you need to go back to Main Street. Make your way left and you will come to a hole right by the Soda Shop. Go down the hole by clicking on it. Climb all the way down until you can jump to your left and see a woman with a skull on her shirt. Right past her you should see a platform, jump onto it and then jump to the moving platform next to it. Once the platform reaches the other side, you need to jump onto another platform. Once there, jump to yet another platform.

Now jump to the platform to your right. Once there jump left two platforms. You should now see a rope right below you. There will be another moving platform at the bottom of the rope. Jump onto that. When the platform gets to the end you should see a pig. Grab it!

Once you have this pig you need to go all the way to your left as far as you can. Once there click on the end to go left. You will now be in a tunnel where you need to go left one more time. Now you will be in a dark area. You need to use the glow stick to see. Once using the glow stick make your way left until you come across a rope. Climb it until you come to a a spot where you need to chose left or right.

Go right until you get to the second rope and climb it. Once at the end of that rope go left and climb the first rope you come across. At the end of that rope go left and you will come across a golden egg. Grab the golden egg. Go back to Main Street using the way you got in after you have gotten the golden egg!

When you get back to Main Street go left until you reach the Poptropica Towers sign. Click on it when you get there. Go left to enter the Towers. Once in, go all the way left until you get to a brown building. Jump up to the fourth ledge of that building. Once here, jump up to the left which should place you on a statue. From here, jump to the left on the roof of the red building. Once on this roof, jump left onto the window ledge of the blue building. Jump to the roof of this blue building until you get to the roof. You should find a vine between two tables once you get there. Climb it.

This vine should take you to the skies. Once here, go to your left where you will come across a some huge feet. Talk to the giant by clicking on these feet. You will give him the golden egg you found which will allow you to pass him. Go right two times in a row which will take you to the Giant’s Garden. Walk up the gardening tool as if it was a ramp and it will turn into a vine if you keep walking. Jump off this vine into some huge vegetables. you should see a bucket on the ground if you jump off these vegetables. Pick it up!

Once you have the bucket you need to go to your right two times which will take you to Aircraft Graveyard. You should see some cans in front of you. Jump into them and then jump onto the brown aircraft. Once on the brown aircraft jump to the red and white one. You should see a yellow table with a jet pack on it. Jump down and grab it

Put on this jet pack and fly back to Main Street. Go to your right when you are back on Main Street and you will come to a water tower. Fly up to the top of this grey water tower using your jet pack. You should see a flag. Grab the Signal Flag and then go back to Early Poptropica.

Now you need to simply go back to the men you talked to before your adventure and give them the items they told you about. You should now have earned a reward! Now you need to go get it by climbing down the rope by the man with the flag and by going right. You will come to a boat with a man by it. Talk to him and he will give you a medallion. You will also be credited 100 credits for completing Early Poptropica Island! If you would like even more credits check out the Poptropica credit generator on this website!

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  1. it didn’t work for me, not really. i returned all of the stuff, but there is no ship at the harbor

    • Did you get the golden egg and give it to the giant? If not then that’s probably why.

  2. this website is great and lots of help but in the future please be more detailed

  3. Love all of this help. thank you

  4. hi it not sooooo hard for me!!!!1111

  5. there was no ship/boat for me at the harbor either

  6. did you give the guy the flag

  7. No ship @ Harbor!

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