Poptropica Cryptids Island Walkthrough Guide & Cheats

Check out the video below for the Poptropica Cryptids Island Walkthrough. This guide will step you through the whole island battling what are called Cryptids. These are creatures of plants that have been talked about and suggested are real, but have not been scientifically proven as real!

At the end of the island, you will have to battle the popular Loch Ness Monster. You will receive a great reward for proving in the end that Cryptids are real. Good luck and have fun.

Run to your right and you will find a reward flyer.  Keep running to the right until you see a tree.  Jump up into the tree and you’ll find five dollars.  Then run back to the left and enter the general store.  Take out your $5 and tell the clerk you want to buy a model lighthouse.

He’ll tell you $5 isn’t enough money so buy a sports drink from him instead.  Exit the store and go to the right until you see a gardener standing by a wheelbarrow and rake.  Take out your sports drink and offer it to him.  He will give you some shears.

Then you need to run all the way to the left until you see a girl with a glider kite.  Click on her to give her a push then jump up to the top of the roof.  Take out your shears to cut the hot air balloon free.

You will pick up a nylon rope.  Run to the right until you get to the kite store.  Go inside the store and ask to try a kite.  Click on the Kitesurfer X250 which is the green kite sitting on the ground.  He’ll tell you that he doesn’t have rope strong enough.  Take out your nylon rope and he will give you the kite.

Run all the way to the left until you get in the water then take out your kite.  Keep flying to the left until you get next to a boat.  You will wipe out then get picked up by a helicopter.  You wake up in the hospital, drink the water that is sitting on the table then walk to the right and exit the room.

Keep walking right, down two flights of stairs then through the door.  Follow the stairs down to the foyer where Mr. Mews said to meet him.  Click on all of the grey boxes and Mr. Mews will show up.

Ask him if that’s why he’s offering a million dollar reward.  Then ask him what he wants from you.  Say that you’ll do it.  Go back up the stairs and through the door.  Walk to the left and exit through the double doors.  When you get outside run to the right and get in the helicopter.

Click on the New Jersey location.  Jump up on top of the gas station and use your shears to cut the girl out of the tree.  Click on the dumpster and try to use your shears but it will tell you that you need better ones.  Get back in the helicopter and fly to Loch Ness.

Run to the right until you see an old man in front of a yellow truck.  Ask him if everything is okay.  Ask him if you can help him find Nessie.  His truck is stuck under the bridge so you need to let the air out of the tires.  Click on the small gold area on the rim to let the air out of the tires.  He will give you his camera as a reward.

Run to the left until you get to the edge of the cliff, then click on the persicope.  Go look out to sea around the helicopter.  Get back into the helicopter and go to the Himalayas.  Ask the guy by the fire if he is looking for evidence for Harold Mews.  Then ask him if he can’t just climb it.

Jump up on top of the building near the helicopter and jump all the way up to the hanging rope.  Climb up the rope and you will cross a bridge to another rope.  Climb that rope and it will tell you that you need a guide.  Drop down a couple levels and you will see a guy with a backpack.

Ask him if he can guide you to the top of the mountain.  He will say “of course” and take you up the mountain.  Follow his instructions and run ahead, click on the ring to attach the rope.  Keep moving ahead and click on the next ring.

Turn around and you will need to jump up and to the right to find the next ring.  Keep moving right and you’ll see the next ring.  There is another ring to the right again.  You’ll have to turn around and jump up to the left after this ring.  Click the ring on top of the hill and keep moving left to the next ring.

The last ring is to your left then you will be outside of a monastery.  Do not go inside, walk to the right and ask the monk if you can have the yeti scalp.  Offer him money, and then say you need to find it to prove the yeti’s existence.

He will give you a lantern.  Now enter the monastery and follow the snow path up to your left.  The monk will tell you he can’t let you pass.  Tell him “please, I’m trying to find proof of the yeti’s existence.”  Ask him what you need to do for his help.   He says you need to play a game to earn his help.

You have to move your game piece around the board without getting trapped.  This is the combination that worked for me: left, up, left, right, down, down, up, right.  Then you will lose the game, he’ll let you try again and it’s easier the second time.  For me I just had to move it up diagonally and I got it in one move.

Go to your right and jump to the top of the temple.  Then jump over to the snow trail on your left.  Keep following the snow trail to the left until you see the yeti footprint.  Take a picture of it with your camera.  Run back down the way you came in and exit he area.

Get back in your helicopter and head to Puerto Rico.  Ask the guy if he knows where to find the chupacabra.  He says no, so go to your right and talk to the guy with the mustache.  Ask him where the chupacabra is, then tell him you’re not afraid.  He lets you borrow his jeep.

Drive to the left, the location is the lower yellow star on the left side of the map.  Exit the jeep and go to the left to start jumping up the mountain.  You will work your way up to the right side of the mountain and find a pen full of goats.  Jump from there to the house on the left.  Say hello to the man in front of the house.

Ask him where the chupacabra is and he’ll tell you he doesn’t know, but it only attacks goats in groups of 3 or more.  Get back in the jeep and go to the yellow star at the top right of the map.  Exit the jeep to deliver the seed to the guy’s brother.

Then walk to the left until you see a break in the fence.  Click on the piece of fur to pick it up.  Get back in the jeep and go to the yellow star at the top left of the map.  Get out and ask the farmer if he knows where the chupacabra is.  He’ll tell you it only attacks goats with spots.

Jump up the mountain to your right and collect the bolt cutters at the top.  Get back in the jeep and drive around trying to coral a group of three spotted goats.  Once you get a group of 3 spotted goats, get out of the jeep.

It will say you need a trap and you should ask one of the farmers.  Get back in the jeep and go to the yellow star on the bottom right of the map.  Get back in the helicopter and head to New Jersey.

Use the bolt cutters to open to dumpster.  Move the trash out of the way to find a note at the bottom.  Then enter the restroom.  Take out the note in the bathroom and you’ll write down the message.  Exit the restroom and get on the motorcycle.

Follow the directions on the sheet or watch the video to see where to drive the motorcycle.  When you get off, it’s too dark outside so get off the motorcycle and get back in the helicopter.

Head to Loch Ness and go inside the Nessie Pub.  Walk to the left and you’ll find matches.  Use them to light your lantern.  Talk to the guy who is all the way over to the left, next to the dart board.  You must beat him in darts to get a ticket onto the boat.

After you beat him in darts, talk to the two guys in the bar and they’ll say Nessie is a myth.  Leave the pub and run to the left, past the helicopter and into the boat.  Give the driver your ticket.  Use your camera to take a picture of the Loch Ness Monster.

Get back in the helicopter and fly back to the mansion.  Enter the door to your right, then go downstairs and to the left to the lab.  Give him the fur sample, then run a DNA test on it.  Follow the instructions to mix the chemicals.

Then show him the yeti print, he’ll tell you it’s just from a snowshoe.  Then show him the picture of Nessie.  He’ll tell you it’s just some truck tires but you should go get a closer look.  Go back up the stairs and through the door, back out to the helicopter.

Fly back to Puerto Rico and talk to the farmer, he’ll say he’s fed up with the cupacabra and wants to trap it.  Get in the jeep and drive to the yellow star in the top center of the map.  Follow the farmer to hide behind the rocks.  Push the crate towards the truck and then the chupacabra breaks out!

Pick up the chupacabra tooth then get back in the jeep.   Hit the “back to start” button in the lower left corner, then exit the jeep.  After the farmer tells you the cupacabra cant be caught, get back in the helicopter and head to New Jersey.

Get on the motorcycle and follow the instructions then get off.  Go through the gate then walk to the right until you see a building.  Go inside the building and up the stairs on the right side.  Push the crate to the end of the hallway then jump on top of it to get to the next floor.

You’ll hear a noise and inside of the barrel you’ll find a raccoon.  Walk over to the right side of the room to pick up the grappling hook and head downstairs.  You’ll see another creature in the window.  Leave the building and you’ll see the creature fly away.

Stand under the tree to your left and use the grappling hook to climb up the tree.  You’ll pick up some broken egg shells.  Jump down from the tree, get on the motorcycle and head back to the helicopter.

Fly to Lock Ness and go back in the pub.  Talk to the guy who said he saw Nessie as a kid.  You’ll have to play the other guy in darts to win a submarine ticket.  After you win the ticket, go get in the submarine which is right by the helicopter.  You’ll find a ovie prop Loch Ness monster at the bottom of the lake.

Take a picture of the head and bring it back to the guys at the pub.  As you’re leaving, the guy from earlier wants a rematch at darts.  The guy runs off after you beat him but the bar man gives you a penny whistle.

Leave the pub and head back towards the water.  Get in the boat then drive it out to sea.  When you get to the area with the trees, take out your whistle and blow it.  The real Loch Ness Monster appears!  Take out your camera to take a picture of it.

Drive the boat back to the dock and fly the helicopter to Mew’s Mansion.  Head downstairs to the lab in the mansion and show Mr. Mew the photo of Nessie.  Then show him the chupacabra tooth.  Finally show him the broken egg shells.

You will need to do another DNA test on the egg shells to determine what they are.  Then Mr. Mews says there has been a Bigfoot sighting!  Head back to the helicopter and fly to the new location.

Once you have spotted bigfoot you have to fly near him to keep him in your sight.  Follow him until he goes into a cave.  Then you get news that Gretchen is going to try to catch Bigfoot first.  You have to stop her by jumping off your helicopter onto hers.

Make your way down to the step rail of her helicopter.  Click on her gas tank to leak the gas out of her helicopter.   Then jump down on top of Bigfoot’s cage and cut the rope with your garden shears.

You’ll fall to the ground and Mr. Mew will reward you for your hard work with the Cryptids Island Medallion.  Way to go!

I hope our walkthrough guide of Cryptids Island help you solve the great mystery!

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