Poptropica – The Croods Cheats

Hey Everyone,

There’s a pretty big update on Poptropica that is all about the new movie called The Croods!

To check it all out you need to login to Poptropica and head to shark tooth island, that’s where everything is set up. It’s pretty sweet looking with a bunch of new things added.

Here’s a couple pictures from the official poptropica blog post!

He doesn’t look too excited does he haha

That’s better at least this girl is smiling

Anyways  the first thing you need to know is that as soon as you get there you have three choices of where you can go, The Sun-Lit Room, Tree Top Room, and the Jungle Room.

So we’ll start this croods cheat guide by going into the Jungle Room. Note: Don’t forget to grab the costumes in the different rooms.

The first thing you need to do is go to get your hands on Belt’s Da Da Daa! power and Eep’s musical Shell.

This is a pretty sweet setup as the power does a cut screen showing belt saying Da Da Da! Also the Eep shell is a cool item that you can use by hitting the space bar which will make your player blow in it.

Next up is the Tree Top Room. In this one you need to go to the right side and grab Gran’s Amazing Cane and the Sandy’s Speed Crawl Power.

The speed crawl power might be my favorite, it lets you zoom around the game by crawling.  The second item (gran’s amazing cane) is cool too and when you press the space bar you can spin it around.

Finally, last but not least is the Sun Lit Room.  In this one you will be able to get both the Douglas Stick Trick and Grugs Super Punch.

To get these you need to go to the left side of the room.  Douglas’s stick trick power is kinda fun, when you press the space bar you can throw the stick and douglas will bring it back to you.  Grugs super punch is also sweet and to use it you again need to press the space bar.  When you do your player will hit the ground with a lot of force haha.

Let me know what you guys and girls think of all the new rooms and costumes.  Also if you have a favorite power leave a comment and we’ll take a poll to see which is the most popular!


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  2. hello it’s mi aviv again and now it’s time for the cheats 1 click ctrl shift R to change charecters 2 click ctrl shift 1 2 and 3 to change face last one go to naboti island and go to the cell phone if you have it now click 911 to be the police and click 1337 to be ned noodles promo codes hardmediumhard to have the hat click wimpy2012 to be wimpy kid thank you and sursribe

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