Counterfeit Island Walkthrough & Cheats for Poptropica – Full Video & Written

Poptropica’s Counterfeit Island has you stopping a notorious criminal who is trying to steal art treasure from the museum. Use the walkthrough guide below to help you get through all the secrets of the island. No cheating necessary! I have also made two videos for you to watch if you prefer them instead. They will get you through the whole island.

Walkthrough Part 1

When you first arrive at the island walk right until you get to Main Street (Through a couple sections). When you get to main street, enter Bobo’s Clown Store. Look to the right and go grab the green balloon and exit the shop. Now walk right until you get to the Country Side section of the island. Walk to the kid crying and give him the green balloon. He will float away! Uh oh. Now you have to save Balloon Boy at some point!

Now run back to your left to Downtown. Keep running back to main street. Stop and talk to the brown headed kid you see a ways down (second person you see). Now enter the Web Browser Internet Cafe. Walk to your right and talk to the man and ask him “what is it?”. Now leave the cafe and go right back to Downtown. Continue right until you get to the two garbage cans. Click on the second one. Move all the garbage until you see something orange on the bottom of the garbage can. Click on it and it will be Underground Tunnel Tour Tickets!

Now run left and go back to Main Street. Continue left until you get to the Web Browser Internet Cafe and enter it again. Talk to the man on the right again and give him one of teh tickets you found! Now exit the shop and go right back to Downtown. Enter Bobo’s Clown Shop again and grab the yellow balloon. Run right until you get the the girl wearing a green hat. Give her one ticket as well. Now enter the gate behind her when you can!

Follow the path the only way it goes. When you get to a spot where the ceiling goes way up, jump up and there will be a piece of paper on there. Grab it! It will be a Torn Picture.

Now continue left down the path and follow it until you get to the end where there will be another door with stairs. Enter it. This will take you back outside and when you get there a man will talk to you. Say “ok, but now” to him. After you are done talking to him go right just a bit and there will be another part of the Torn Picture on the ground. Continue right, then jump up to the street and start going left all the way until you get to the boat with the next on it. There will be another part of the Torn Picture on top of the boat. Now go back to the right and go to Main Street which is in a different section of Counterfeit Island.

When you get to Main Street, go right until you get to the big Museum and jump all the way to the top of it. Another part of the Torn Picture will be there. Now jump back to the ground until you get to the Web Browser Internet Cafe and jump about 3/4’s of the way up and go right a bit. Another piece of the Torn Picture will be on a balcony there.

Now go back to the ground and go left until you get back to the Museum and enter it. When you get in the Museum, talk to the guy on the left and tell him you are interested in applying for the job. Now go left up the stairs and then right up the rest of the stairs. Talk to the guy there and ask him what you can do.

Now go left, jumping over the stairs, not going down them, and grab the second picture on the wall that you see. Bring it to the right, past the guy you just talked to, jumping over the stairs you come to and all the way to the wall. Swap it with the picture you see there (last one on the wall).

Now bring this picture down to the bottom floor all the way to the right and swap it with the last picture you see there. Bring this picture all the way to the left and swap it with the picture that has a cat in it (towards the last few pictures). Take this cat picture to where you got the very first picture. Now go and talk to the guy again that told you to do this! That is it for Counterfeit Island Walkthrough Part 1!

Part 2 of Written Walkthrough

Enter the room right behind the guy you just talked to. Ask the guy in this room what all the machines and tools are. Now walk to the right and you will have to do some tests. I will cheat and tell you my secret. The first test is the fifth painting. The second test is the middle painting. On the lest test, scroll up to the moon and click on the left side of it.

Now walk to the right and click on the work station. You will have to do another test. Watch the video cheat guide below to see what to do on this test!

When you have finished the test you will receive the Supply Room Key. Now exit this room and go right until it says Statue Room. Enter it! Go all the way left until you get to a door and enter that. Now go left until you cant any more and use the Supply Room Key to get into this room. You will find the final piece of the torn picture here!

Now go right until you get to the Statue Room door and enter it. Run right and go back to the main hall. Now exit this building and go outside. Go back to the City Docks to your left. When you get here, go left and drop down to the entrance where the guy was standing. Enter this area again.

Follow this passage up and then to the right. When you get to the spot like in the picture below, go up.

Make the face that pops up look exactly like your picture! WHen you think you have it, press the button on top. If you are right, the door will open. Enter it.

You will be in the supply room! What a secret passage huh!? Now use your key to open the door and start walking right. Make sure the person in the window does not see you! Continue right until you get to the Statue Room door and enter it.

Now you need to keep walking right but watch out for the lasers. You can hide behind the statues and the lasers will not hit you. When you get to the main hall door, enter it. Now drop to the bottom floor and go left. Go up the next set of stairs you find and when you get to the top go right until you are standing in front of the first picture you see with a light hanging down from the ceiling above it. Jump on the light! Oops! The police are here to arrest you now.

Now you will be in the police station. Now you will need to answer some questions on a lie detector test!

  • First, tell them your real name.
  • Then, tell them you are on Counterfeit Island.
  • Next, tell them a strange man contacted you about Scream.
  • Then, tell them that you were trying to protect “The Scream”.
  • Next, tell them you were trying to catch the thief.
  • Finally, tell them you do not know the Black Widow

You should have passed the test! Now you will continue to talk to the lady. Next you need to tell her you do not know a strange man. No exit the police station and that is it for part 2 of the island!

Part 3 of Counterfeit Island

When you have exited the police station go left and enter Bobo’s again. Talk to the guy standing to the left and ask him what time he left his post. He will give you his time card. Now exit Bobo’s and go back to the Museum which is on Main Street to your left. When you get into the Museum, go left up the stairs and then right up the stairs. Continue and enter the Statue Room.

Go left and enter the door that says Security and Supply. Go left and enter the security office. Click on the computer to the far right. Forward the tape to when you see a strange man walk into the shot. Now take a screen shot of him. Now go talk to the second lady on your left and ask her what you should do. Now exit the Museum. Go to Downtown and talk to the first person you see. It will be a girl mime. Take out your photo of the man and ask her where you can find him. She will sing for you. Now head right and go to the Jazz Cafe.

When in the Jazz Cafe, go right and talk to the strange man. He will run! Follow him outside. Now drop down to the left and jump on the scooter. Now drive the scooter making sure to keep up with the strange man.Here is a secret though! Watch out for the objects in the road. They will slow you down. He will escape into a boat but will drop something on the dock. Go pick it up! It will be a Key Card with a spider on it.

Now head back to your right all the way to Main Street. Enter the Museum and talk to the guy on the left. He will give you Van Gogh’s Starry night painting. Go ahead and examine it and it will tell you to meet someone somewhere! Now exit the museum and head right until you get to rope up to the Poptropica Balloon! Take it to Early Poptropica Island.

Drop down and go left right into the Pop Art Museum. Walk left and talk to the old lady there. Ask her if you can help. She will give you a Key. Now exit the Museum and go back to Counterfeit Island using your balloon.

That is it for Part 3 of the Island! Keeping reading! The next two parts are quite a bit shorter!

Cheats & Guides for Part 4

When you get back to the island, head right until you get to the old man painting in front of the Moldy Baguette Inn and talk to him. Now continue right to Downtown. Continue right to the Country Side. Go to the Inspectors house to your right and up some stairs. Use the key to get in. Jump to the top and go in front of the colorful painting. The top will be pealed down a bit. Peal it all the way down. Its The Scream painting! Now the lights will go out.

You will now be in a room with a lady standing on your right. She is the Black Widow! The conversation will go on awhile with her and the strange man to your left who is also tied up. Now you need to wiggle your way over to the strange man by making big circles around your chair with your cursor and swiping back to your left.

You will now be free and it is time to catch the Black Widow! Head right until you get to the door. Enter it. Now go left and make your way all the way up to the top until you get to the doors like in the picture below!

Use the Key Card with the spider on it to enter. That is it for Part 4!

Poptropica Counterfeit Island Walkthrough Part 5

When you enter this room, go left a bit. After some discussion, the Black Widow will start dropping art from the top. You need to make sure she does not destroy more than $1 million worth by catching them as she drops them.

While you are doing this though, you need to turn the crank on the platform that the strange man is standing on. How can you do them both!? Well i will cheat and tell you the secret. After every 4 pieces of art that the Black Widow drops, you will have a bit of time to turn the crank. You simply circle your mouse around the crank to do so. When you have turned the crank so much the strange man will reach the top and catch the Black Widow!

No the old lady will appear and tell you to meet her at the Museum. Go left to the Museum and then go right and talk to her. She will show you what the Museum actually is! Then you will have beat Counterfeit Island and you will get 100 credits and a gold medallion. How did my cheat walkthrough help you with the island?!

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