Poptropica Burrow Islands Cheats Walkthrough – IOS Game

The Poptropica Burrow Islands only has a side mission, meaning there is no yellow scroll mission to complete, there is only a purple scroll mission. See below for the full walkthrough guide of the Burrow Island group! If you have comments, please leave them on the bottom of the post! Don’t forget to have fun!

When you first get to the Burrow Island group, go to the north where you will find an island with a purple scroll over it. Enter the island. When you enter the island, start to travel right until you get to a guy that has a purple scroll over his head.

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He will tell you that he sleep walks and last night, he was sleep walking and emptied his whole house of all of his furniture. He will also tell you that he cannot go home until he finds the furniture! You need to help him out!

Right above you, you should be able to jump up some ledges. Do so and at the top you will find the first piece of furniture which is the fireplace. Pick it up.

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Now head back down the ledges you just jumped up and go left just a bit. You will then find the second piece of furniture which is the old couch. Pick it up. That should be all of the furniture that you need to find!

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Now head back to the guy, to your right, and give him all of the furniture that you found! He will then thank you and give you 100 credits.

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How did the cheat walkthrough help you get through the island? Was pretty easy wasn’t it!?

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