Blitz Giveaway! Free Poptropica Membership in March!

Hey Everyone,

We’ve decided to have a blitz giveaway for a free poptropica memebrship today!

How does it work? Well It’s actually really easy.

The first person to comment on this post with the word “Blitz” will win a one month poptropica membership from SkyBoy303!

Just make sure when you fill out the comment on this post that you use an actual email that you can access. That’s where we will send an email asking for your poptropica username so that we can give you the one month membership! (if you have a second account that you just use for signing up for stuff that works too, just make sure you can access it haha!)

Other than that good luck to everyone and be sure to comment on this post as fast as you can!

P.S. if you read this too late make sure that you subscribe to my twitter account and facebook page because they are automatically updated every time we have a blitz contest so you can have a better chance of being the first to comment! Also be sure to check our site every day since we will do the Blitz contests on random days!

Good luck to everyone!


  1. BLITZ!!!

  2. blitz blitz blitz

  3. I was first! Did I win?


    I said it three times, can I have 3 memberships now please 🙂

  5. Blitz

  6. its such a blitz that all the hard work(probably) was put in poptropolis island and now its gone. (by the way anyone who posted a comment i think you actually have to use the word in a sentence but everyone else just said the word here i will copy what it said:The first person to comment on this post with the word “Blitz” will win a one month poptropica membership from SkyBoy303!

  7. i want to win the membership

  8. what the point

  9. BLITZ!!

  10. I probably lost!!!
    Anyway just to let everybody know…

    I’M AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Oh and by the way BLITZ!!!!!!!!!!

  12. WAHHHHH blitz blitz blitz blitz blitz blitz blitz blitz blitz too late… :,(

  13. blitz

  14. I’m the 5 person.DARN. : ‘(

  15. blitz blitz blitz blitz i sayt four times where is the question?

  16. poptropica membership!?Blitz!!i want one!

  17. i failed : (

  18. i love the BLITZ of poptropica adventures


  20. MEMBERSHIP GOOD. I CAN TALK LIKE A CAVEMAN.that ia good.good membership

  21. blitz

  22. cool blitz

  23. i love blitz there i used it in a sentence
    i love skyboy too ur awesome

  24. blitz blitz blitz blitz kreek bop i need the membership

  25. what does blits mean

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