Back Lot Island Walkthrough & Cheats – Poptropica

Hey everyone! Check below for the full written walkthrough and step by step cheats guide for Poptropica’s Back Lot island!

Video Walkthrough

If your the kind of person that likes to watch a video to help you through an island we’ve got your covered below! If you like to read the guide as you play then be sure to look below the video as we have the complete written walkthrough as well!

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Written Walkthrough

When you first get to the island, enter the One-Of-A-Kind Talent Agency and talk to the lady in the picture below.

Once done, exit the building and go right until you get to two old people. Click on the sidewalk between them where it reads something.
You will find out that they are Carson Willis’s footprints.

Once the old people are done talking, continue right until you get to the guy with the funky yellow hair. Ask him if you can help. He will give you a Telephoto Camera and ask you to take a picture.

Jump to the top of the green building and take out the Camera. You will find out that it is broken.

Now run to the left until you get to the old guy in the picture below. This will be past where you entered the island.

Use the camera from your item bag. He will give you film for it. When you receive the film, go to your item bag and use it. This will combine the camera and the film to make one item.

Now run all the way back to the green building and take out your camera. Move the camera around until you see the gate in the picture below and take a picture of that with the old man standing in front of it.

The island will begin to shake and you will fall behind the “No Trespassing” sign. You will then wake up next to a dog.

Go to the right and talk to the lady with brown hair and a clipboard in her hand. Tell her its nice to meet her.

She will tell you to head inside. Do this. A guy will be walking down the stairs and start talking to you. When he is done, go to the right and enter the Soundstage #1 door.

Go to the right and the lady will talk to you again. Now continue to the right and get into the cart in the picture below.

When driving, go down a bit until you see tire tracks going to the right a ways down and to the right (the second set) and find an trailer like the one in the picture below.

Talk to the guy outside the trailer and then knock on the door. Now you will be told to get a Half-Caf Latte-Espresso. Pick up the cup Kirk throws out the window.

Now make your way all the way back to the beginning of the island and enter the coffee shop to refill Kirk’s cup. The guy at the register will tell you he is out of that particular
drink so you will have to choose another. Choose the coffee like in the picture below.

Now exit the coffee shop and run to the left until you get to the other coffee shop. Talk to the lady at the register and she will also tell you she is out of that particular coffee. Order like in the picture below.

Now open your menu items and choose the Infant Sized Coffee. Pour both cups of coffee into the larger cup and you will have made the coffee that Kirk wanted.

Go all the way back to Kirk’s trailer after you have done this. Knock on his door again and you will tell him you have his coffee.

Jump back into the cart and go back to Soundstage #1. Once the old guy stops talking, jump up the wooden stairs and use the camera.

When using the camera, just make sure to keep Kirk in the middle of the screen at all times like in the picture below.

Once you are done filming, exit Sound stage #1 and jump into your cart again. Go all the way to the right until you get to Soundstage #2.

Enter the soundstage and talk to the lady there. Now exit the soundstage and go back to Soundstage #1. Jump to the top of Soundstage #1 using the ledges on the left.

Talk to the guy on top od the building. Now go to the left and go back to the top of the green building. There will be a screenplay page on the antenna there.

Continue left and get to the top of the theater building. You will find another screenplay page on top of that building. To get to the top, use the object in the picture below to boost you up there by jumping on it!

Keep going left until you get to the coffee house. Another page will be there. Keep going left until you get to the Celebrity Wax Museum and the last page will be on the far left of the top of that building.

Once you have all of the pages, go all the way back to the right and talk to the guy on top of the Soundstage #1.

Give him the pages and jump back into your cart. Go back to Soundstage #2 and talk to the lady again. Now its time to put the script pages in order. Open the scripts from your menu.

The 3rd one is 1st, the 4th one is 2nd, the 1st one is 3rd and the 2nd one is 4th.

Now you will get an actress headshot and its your job to find someone that looks like her to play the part in the movie.

Exit the soundstage and go back all the way to the beginning of the island and enter the One-Of-A-Kind Talent Agency. Give the lady at the desk the headshot.

The lady at the desk will surprise you and is actually Lacy Williams.

Now head back to Soundstage #2. Once you are here, you will have to play the role of the navigator. Go to the left and jump up to change into costume.

The first thing you say in the film is “But-“. When it comes up, offer her a compass. Next, say “safe journeys! I’ll never forget you!”. Next thing to say is “Noooooo!”.

Now exit the soundstage and go to Soundstage #3 which is all the way to the right and to the bottom of the road map.

Enter the stage and talk to the lady on the left. Now you will have to put together 3 puzzles. Watch the video for how to do this!

Now run to the right and jump above the door and grab some hats. There will be a white and a black cowboy hat.

Now exit the Soundstage  and go back to the beginning of the island so you can find some actors.

The first will be in the first coffee shop and will look like the guy in the image below. Give him the black cowboy hat.

The second will be in the Digital Dreamscapes store and looks like the guy in the picture below. Give him the white cowboy hat.

Now you need to get back to Soundstage #3. Once you get there, talk to the lady again. You will not be the stunt coordinator.

All you need to do here is press on the buttons that relate to whatever the director says. Watch the video walkthrough if you need help.

Once you are done, exit the soundstage and go to Soundstage #4 which is all the way to the right and down a bit.

Enter this soundstage and you will now dress up as an ape and your role is to destroy the city. Simple jump on the buildings popping all of the balloons and destroying all of the lights to do this!

At the end you will have to fall off of all the buildings. Once you are done filming, exit the soundstage and go to the Post Production building which is the one across the street to the left.

Talk to the old guy and then head to the Film Editing computer to the left. You will have to cut some shots out. To find out how to do this, watch the video! Its hard to explain.

When done with the film editing, go to the sound editing screen to the right. Watch the video on how to do this as well!

Once you are completely done editing the film, talk to the old man again. He will give you film reels.

Now head all the way back to the beginning of the island and go to the theater. Talk to the lady standing outside of it. Say “He’s a strange guy, What’s his deal?”.

Enter the theater and run to the right. Now jump up and use the seats to go all the way to the left to the projector room. Use the film reels to add the movie to the projector.

Once the movie is over, exit the theater and talk to the lady once again. She will give you your gold medallion!

I hope the Back Lot Island walkthrough helped you out! The video will be up shortly!

The Original Island News

I know I’m a little late on the announcement of Back Lot Island but I’m back from vacation and very excited for this new Poptropica island!

The story of back lot island is that the greatest movie maker of all time has come out of hiding.  Why was he hiding?  We don’t know yet, but he needs your help to produce his next hit movie.  It’s your job to make sure things go smoothly and the movie is a success!


Back Lot Island Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you fill Kirk’s Cup?

A: In order to refill Kirk’s coffee cup, you have to leave the studio and go to the first coffee shop you pass.  You should order an espresso infant decaf here.  Then you go to second coffee shop and order a latte infant full.  You mix the two kinds of coffee together to make Kirk’s coffee refill.  Click on the coffee cup in your item bag to mix them together.

Q: How do you fix the camera?

A: If you’re wondering where to fix the camera, head over to the celebrity wax museum and talk to the old man standing outside.  He will give you film to put in the camera.

I’ll be posting a walkthrough guide and cheats as soon as the Back Lot Island is released to members!  I will also update this post as more info comes out about the new island.  Here are some of the new back lot island costumes and items available to members.

Director’s Costume:

Dress the part and look professional with this director’s costume, complete with bullhorn.


Take your director’s outfit to the next level with a working clapboard!  You call the shots by pressing the spacebar.

Silent Treatment:

I think this one is kinda cool.  The Silent Treatment item makes your Poptropica screen look like an old fashioned black and white movie.

That’s all I know about Back Lot Island right now!  Check back for more updates and cheats as soon as I hear about them.  Members get to play the new island before other Poptropica users so sign up to win a membership if you don’t have one!


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