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Arabian Nights Island Episode 1: How Bazaar Walkthrough

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Arabian Nights Video Teaser & Pics 9/26/14

Here’s a new teaser video for Arabian Nights Island that the Poptropica Creators released!

The forty thieves have invaded the city and stolen all kinds of items from people, including the Sultan!


The guards weren’t even able to keep all of the thieves from stealing things.


The thieves even stole the Sultan’s prized possession: his magic lamp.


It’s up to you to find the pesky thieves and return the lamp to the Sultan!


Arabian Nights Island Announced 9/16/14

Arabian Nights Island has officially been announced on the Creator’s Blog!  The idea for Arabian Nights Island came from the winner of the Create Your Dream Island Contest about six months ago.  The Creators of Poptropica are following through on their word to create this island!


The main objective in Arabian Nights Island will be to get the Sultan’s Lamp back from the 40 thieves.  Who knows what powers the lamp will hold?!


You’ll have to face danger and treachery in this new Poptropica island.  The magical Arabian land is full of wonder but also full of peril.  Will you be able to find the Sultan’s lamp and make it out alive?


The 40 thieves have ransacked the city and stolen the Sultan’s prized possession: his magical lamp!  It’s up to you to find the thieves lair and get his lamp back!


So far all we know is Arabian Nights Island will be a multi-episode island with the first episode called “How Bazaar.”  The word bazaar means “market” so I’m guessing the first part of Arabian Nights Island will be exploring the market to try to find the thieves hideout!


First Announcement 4/15/14

This page will be used for any information about Arabian Nights Island.  The idea for this new island was from the Create Your Dream Island Contest.


Check back for a full walkthrough guide as soon as Arabian Nights Island is released!

  1. is arabian nights island going to be available to all

    • Well, it’s the same pattern; release, members only, after 1-3 weeks, everyone.

      • when is it going to be available in poptropica website?

  2. I cant find the arabian night island. is arabian nights island going to be available to all?

  3. It hasn’t been released yet.

  4. OMG OMG OMG guess what? im making a show……. it will be posted in comments soon as a link to it.


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