Arabian Nights How Bazaar Cheats – Ep.1 Guide

Walkthrough & Pictures by Samwow5


Once you get on the island, you’ll start the episode in a distressed and irritated Arabian bazaar (marketplace). The shoppers, and merchants will tell you that 40 thieves have ransacked the town and left it in ruins! 


At the current moment, you have nothing to trade with the merchants, so go right twice to the cliff scene. At the cliff, you climb the cave exterior and go all the way to the right of the scene where you jump into the quicksand. By jumping into the quicksand, you will sink into the room below. The room has an opening to the cave, so go into the mysterious cave. Here’s how you work your way through the cave, there will be pics in a gallery below after the instructions:

  1. Once you get inside the cave, push the nearby crate all the way right until it’s hitting a platform. Jump on the crate to reach the above platform and jump over.
  2. Once you jump over, You’ll land on a platform which has a crate. Push it off and then continue pushing it left until you reach the platform to the left, hop on the crate and run left to the next crate.
  3. Push the crate you find on the platform off onto the ground left, which will allow you to reach a broken ladder.
  4. When you get on the ladder, all the way to the top, push the crate to the right off the platform and push it right to reach above another platform, then go right.
  5. Jump over the two sinking sand patches and run to the right
  6. To the right, you’ll find a skeleton wearing a turban and clutching a bag of Salt. Click on the bag to collect it.

After you get the Salt, you decide that the cave couldn’t be the thieves’ hideout, because it’s abandoned. So, go ahead and leave the cave. Once you’re outside, go back thought the cave exterior and head left back to the bazaar.

Once you’re back at the bazaar, climb up the buildings onto the rooftops and find the first merchant with a blue and green turban. You can trade some of the salt you got in the cave with him to get a bag of Grain. To trade the items, click the Deal button.

After getting the Grain, jump to the right and go to the woman merchant and trade with her. She will offer two deals:

  1. She will give you a Lamp for your Grain 
  2. She will give you Cloth for some of your salt.

You trade both for the items, then you realize the Lamp is fake and useless. So, return to the first merchant (blue and green turban on the left) and trade the Cloth for the Spyglass.


After obtaining the Spyglass, go right to the desert scene. You find an old looking man standing near a circular stone dais. He tells you that the thieves will steal anything valuable placed on the dais. To test the theory, use your Salt, and place some on the dais, then go back left to the bazaar.

Once you get back to the bazaar, you see a tower right when you come in, climb the tower, and use the spyglass to connect it to the stand on the top of the tower. To look through the spyglass, click on it.


By looking through the spyglass, you are able to see the full desert scene. You can also see the old looking man, HI BUDDY! While you are looking around the scene, you see to the right of the screen two thieves sneaking up to steal the salt! The thieves get close to the salt and then they throw a smoke bomb down on the dais and they are hidden from view (how do you not notice they sneaking up old man! I thought u were here to help!),  the smoke bomb blinds the old man for a couple of seconds and then the thieves swoop in and take the salt. Right after they leave, you can see through the spyglass that they left something behind, so return to the scene and see what it is.

Once you get back to the desert scene (the scene to the right from the bazaar) you will find out that the mysterious item that they’d dropped was some Smoke Bombs. Get the item, and go two scenes left (1 left of the bazaar) to the palace.

Once you get to the palace, you see two guards standing outside the doors to get into the palace. If you get to close to them, they will take you outside the palace scene, so be careful! Here’s how to get inside the palace, there will be pics in a gallery below after the instructions:

  1. First, there are some windowsills above you, jump on them left until you’re right above the guards.
  2. Equip your smoke bomb (but don’t press it yet) wait for the two guards to start talking to another, and one walk over to the other.
  3. When they are fairly close, press spacebar to let go of a smoke bomb onto both guards which blinds them for a few seconds. For the time that they are blind, you should slip into the palace doors with no problem.

Once you are inside the palace, you will see the sultan sitting on his stool, not throne, on the left side of the room. When you talk to him, he will ask you to help him get back his special lamp. He give you his Crown Jewel to help you trade for other items.

Once you are done with the sultan and exit the palace, the guards will be flabbergasted that you were in there, and also embarrassed that they didn’t do their jobs correctly. The guards said they will let you go if you keep it a secret, of course you say, I will keep it a secret 😀

Once, you leave the palace, head right, back to the bazaar. Once you get there, trade with the first merchant (blue and green turban). He will offer you an Ivory Camel for your crown jewel, accept the offer.

Once you have the Ivory Camel, go down to the bottom, and trade with the third merchant (with the weird hat and actual camel). Here’s a twist: You can actually trade the Ivory Camel for his real camel because an Ivory Camel doesn’t bite! It’s a bargain, so of course accept the offer! After the trade, you get the Camel Bridle.

Once you get the Camel Bridle, use it to take the reigns on the camel. The camel doesn’t like to run, so take a casual walk with the camel. Go right one area to the desert area, and drop him off on the circular stone dias. After dropping him off, return to the top of the tower and view the area from the spyglass like earlier in the episode.

As soon as you look into the spyglass, the thief is trying to take away the camel, it is taking a while because the camel is slow. Because of the camel is slow, you will be able to see clearly that their hideout is hidden in the oasis right next to the dias! To open the hideout, The thief screams: Open sesame!, and a big stone dragon head rises from the oasis and the thief walks inside! After that, it goes back into the water. So, return to the desert scene and jump into the oasis. Your character will say Open Sesame! and the big stone dragon head will rise out of the water. You jump into the thieves’ hideout, and then you receive the Arabian Nights; Episode 1: How Bazaar Island Medallion! Congrats to you!

Come back soon for Episode 2 of Arabian Nights!

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