Arabian Nights Ep.2 Review & Members Only Items

Hey everyone! This is just a quick post to tell you that Arabian Nights Ep.2: Lair of Thieves is out for members & to tell you that 2 new Arabian Nights Ep.2 Items are in the store! So lets get onto the post with more details! WARNING THE REVIEW HAS SPOILERS

Arabian Nights Ep.2: Lair of Thieves: personal review

Glitch Problems: 5/5

If you didn’t know, the island came out yesterday at 3pm CST. I was there waiting, staring, trying to be in the top 10 once again. Sometimes when the island has come out, my computer doesn’t get the memo and it finally shows on my computer 30 minutes later xD. But this time, it was amazing, finally it showed it on the screen before the creators even announced it on the PCB. That was the one of the small happy moments of a glitch-free day on the island. Unlike, Shrink Ray, this island was so fun to play because it wasn’t glitchy at all for me. On parts where I thought it was glitching out, the glitches fixed themselves. It’s hard to explain but I got stuck in a wall, and I was like oh gosh, then all of a sudden I flew up and landed on the next platform. I’ve tried getting out of walls before and it never happened, until that happened when I wasn’t even holding the mouse. Overall I think this was the best SUI for me glitch-wise. I didn’t have to restart once, it was just…..perfect. With it being perfect island, I finished 10th (mom called me away for a bit)


Plot: 5/5

I loved the plot of this episode, you had to lurk around and find the right lamp. I felt like I was in a spy movie (my favorite type of movie), lurking around finding items, dying the black thieves garb, and making the smoke bomb later. When I got the the end I felt like I was Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade where he picks which cup was the holy grail and drinks from it and survives – that was just like in the episode except, you have a lamp and you need to put it on a Golden Hand. I loved the resemblance between the two and the Indiana Jones series is some of my favorite movies ever behind Star Wars (excited for new movie, saw the teaser and it was amazing o:) Overall this was a great island plot and I applaud the creators for making this episode into the way it was.

Characters & Costumes: 4.5/5

The characters were very intriguing, I enjoyed the concept of the Thieves’ Character. The Thieves’ costumes were fantastic, I especially loved Brutus’s costume & the lamp girl’s costume. The only downside to the costumes for me was the Black Garb we put on, it was nothing like the thieves’ garb. Other then that, the creators did a magnificent job on the costumes & characters.

Visuals, Sound Effects & Soundtrack: 5/5

The art on the stone pillars, floor, the lamp scene just….omg…blew my mind away. I have to argue that this island’s visual art was the best in the game yet. The sound effects were spot-on, they were really great during the last lamp scene, they were just so good XD! The Soundtrack was in the Top 3 for me, although during when Brutus was chasing you….I heard the scary music and it was really intense the rest of the scene because of the music.

Overall: 19.5/20

I really loved everything about this island, it had everything a quality island would want. Over the past couple of months I’ve been thinking that the creators are going for quantity not quality, but after all the negative reviews, I think that the creators really put a lot of work into the island and I was really impressed. I have noticed one thing though, what was the point of this part of the island? I know, I sound crazy, but what did we really accomplish in this episode? Set off a special power and escape? I thought we were supposed to keep them from doing something stupid lol? But now one question remains….. how are the creators going to top this in the last episode of the trilogy?


While the island was getting ready to be released, the creators came out with two new members freebies in the store, they are called the Shield!

arabitem1 arabitem2

I hope you enjoyed the post! And tell me your opinions of the island in the comments below!


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