About SkyBoy – My Bio

Hey everyone,

My name is SkyBoy303 (I usually just go by SkyBoy though) and I started this poptropica blog in 2012. I figured I would make this page to give the Poptropica World readers a little more information about me and any other authors we add to the site!


Ok so first off I started playing club penguin online and made a pretty popular blog. I kind of wanted to move away from CP and decided to change my name when I started playing poptropica because I used to get swarmed a lot when I would log into Club penguin and I kind of got tired of it. So when I started this new poptropica blog I created my new name SkyBoy303! You can try to guess who I was on club penguin if you visit a lot of blogs but I probably won’t admit it even if you guess it right ;).

Anyways I used all the same skills I learned as a club penguin blogger to build a pretty popular poptropica blog that was able to be on the first page of search engines in less than a month after I launched it! If you would like some tips on how to rank better or for me to help you on your blog you can add me to your blog as an author and if I have some time I will try and help you out! If your on wordpress.com you can add me by my email which is poptropicaworldcheats@gmail.com

Favorite Things

Ok so some of my favorite things, I think I’ll just make a list instead of writing out a ton of sentences and blabbering too much.

Sports: Hockey, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer. Those are probably my top 5 with hockey being my favorite (it’s winter right now though so I might be biased since I’m in the middle of my hockey season.) I really like most all sports though, with the exception of blind folded badmitton (that’s a joke.)

Music: I’m kind of weird and like almost all kinds of music to be honest. Sometimes I will listen to a little eminem or drake, sometimes I will put on some rock and blast the stereo. Sometime’s I will put on pop music too (don’t hate me haha) and I’ve even been caught liking a couple country songs here and there. Seriously if it’s playing I probably will listen haha.

Television: Again I like a lot of different shows haha. I probably spend most my time watching either ESPN or NBCSN since I like sports a lot. But I really like a ton of shows like X Factor, Americas Got Talent, Glee, Big Time Rush (I like hockey a lot did I mention that haha), and the list goes on and on.

That’s the main things I can think of right now, let me know if you have any questions or anything! If you have a good question leave a comment and I’ll be sure to answer it the best I can!

Also be sure to follow me on twitter at Twitter.com/PoptropicaWorld and on Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube and Google Plus! I try to post often and give away memberships to my subs as much as I can afford too (it gets expensive haha)!


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  2. Me too #1 fan

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