Cheats for 24 Carrot Island – Poptropica Walkthrough Parts 1 & 2

The 24 Carrot Island walkthrough guide steps you through helping a small town figure out what is happening to their carrots. This Poptropica written tutorial may get quite long so bare with me! You can check out the helpful video guide instead if you would like.

24 Carrot Island Written Walkthrough Part 1

When you first enter 24 Carrot Island, jump down to the ground and go all the way left to the Carrot Farm. Surpass the next area with nothing in it. Now go left and jump to the top of the house and go down the chimney. Go right a little bit and grab the Empty Bowl on the ground and then exit the area through the way you came. Once out of the chimney go back the way you came through the area with nothing and enter the Carrot King Diner.

Once in the diner go left and talk to the lady. Have her fill your bowl with milk. Now exit the diner and go all the way back to the house and go down the chimney again. Once down the chimney go right and place the bowl back where you found it. Now go right some more and jump up to the rope. Climb it to your first opening on your left and jump off. Go all the way left until you get to the bath tub and turn on the water. A cat will jump out. Follow the cat until it jumps down to the bottom floor. You may have to stay a ways behind it for it to do so.

Follow it to the bowl and it will drink the milk. Now it will follow you around. Now exit the house and go back to the area where you entered the Carrot King Diner but keep going past it until you get to Charlie’s. Make sure the cat is following you. Enter this building. Go right and talk to the first guy you see. You will return his cat to him. Don’t cheat and keep the cat! I’m just kidding, that’s not possible. You couldn’t complete the walkthrough if you did that. For returning the cat you will receive a crowbar.

Now exit the building and go as far right as you can past the factory street sign. Go through the next empty area as well. Now go right until you hit a wall and jump to the top of that building. You will find a vent blueprint in the boarded up window. Then go right and slowly climb down the side of the building. Make sure to land on the poison barrels and then jump on top of the drain. Now you need to open it with the crow bar.

Enter this and go all the way left. You will find a carrot transporter on the ground. Grab it and then continue left and jump up the tube. Now you will be going right. You need to make it across the open areas that keep opening and closing. Now jump up the tube again and you will be going left. Jump over the rat that comes. Continue left getting past the rat and when you get to the end jump up one last time. This will take you to another area.

Now go left a bit until you see three yellow switches. Move them until the lights turn green. When you get all three the lights will turn on in the room. Now go right, past where you entered until you get to some wooden boxes. Jump up on top of the boxes and then up and to the left. Now go left until you see some rounded crates. Jump on these and wait for the claw to come by and then jump on that. It will start taking you right. When it gets to the end jump onto the platform and enter the vent.

Now make your way through the maze. Go right, then down, and then left and down right away. When you hit the bottom go left but jump over the next space. Jump up and to the left in the second space above you. Now go left and drop down at the dead end. Go left and jump up. You should be on snow! Go left a bit and jump all the way down. Go right and grab the wire cutters. Now keep going right and you will find the exit. Now go right and fall all the way down to the ground. A machine will come and transport you.

When you enter this area go right and jump up to the first box. Click on the security system. Cut all the wires from top to bottom. That is the end of 24 Carrot Island Written Walk through Part 1!

Part 2 of the 24 Carrot Island Written Walkthrough

Part 2 begins where we left off in Part 1. From where we ended, jump up and wall until you get to another vent on your left. Go in it. Go left and then jump up and to the right. Go right and then jump up and to the left. Go left and at your first opening above you jump up one level to the right. Walk a bit and exit the vent. Once you have exited, go right and get past the things with falling objects coming out of them. There will be three of them. Now jump down to your right all the way to the ground.

Run left until you get to a person and talk to him. A metal thing will pop up. Hit the power button on it. Now grab the password that comes out of the machine. Now just keep jumping up until you get back to the vent and enter it. Go left and then down and then left again. Now jump up and to your left and immediately up and to your left again. Go left until your first drop and make sure to go on the first opening to your left when dropping. Continue left and when you get to the first gap jump up and to the left. Keep going left and then jump down. Go left a bit and jump up and to the left. You should be standing on snow. Jump all the way down, go right a bit and then jump down again. Exit the vent to your right.

Jump all the way to the ground and talk to the guy again. Something will pop up in your screen again. Push the power button on it. Go to your right and talk to the guy. Another thing will pop up. Push the power button on that one as well. Continue right and exit through the door.

When you enter, go left and drop down. Then go right and make your way through the pounding machines. When you get to the wall, jump up and to the left. Grab the drone ears. Put them on and exit.

Now jump down and all the way to your right again and exit through the door again. Talk to the guy you see here. When he leaves, jump up the big rabbit machine to the top and then jump to the left where you will see a guy. Talk to him and another thing will pop up. Hit the power button on it. Now, click on the computer screen and enter the password you received earlier. Here is a secret! Mine was fuzzybunny! The command will be Launch Robot as well. After you launch it you will have to control it with the joystick in front of you. Here is a little cheat for you as well. Hit as many rocks as you can to destroy the Robot!

Once you have done that, go left and jump onto the rope following the guy. Go all the way up it and exit. Now go all the way left and talk to the guy standing by the Carrot Farm sign.

Congrats! You have completed Part 2 of the 24 Carrot Island Mission in Poptropica. You will receive a medallion and 100 credits! How did my walkthrough guide help you?

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