24 Carrot Island – Beta Update With New Features!

Hey Everyone,

If you haven’t heard poptropica is making a bunch of upgrades to the game and they are starting with some of the existing islands. The first island they have made upgrades too is 24 Carrot Island.

What They Did

They have started by adding some cool new features like a bigger screen for the island, better navigation, and things like a sound track and special effects. As of now it is just a beta and they will be adding more stuff to it as time goes on and adding new features. It should be a good summer for poptropica.

Who Can Play It

To try out the new beta features you need to be a member on poptropica. If you aren’t you should check out our free memberships page on this site or visit a site like PoptropicaMemberships.com and earn a free membership card there. Either way works but you need to be a member.

Then once you are a member they will give a beta access card (like the picture above) which you can use to access the new updated island and bonuses.

What’s Coming Next

My guess it that they will be updating all the old islands over the summer and then maybe rolling out the new features and updates to the game from then on.

Let me know what you guys think and what you would like to see added to the game next!


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