2014 Review: Poptropica Islands & the rise and fall of Episodic Islands!


Hello my fellow Poptropicans! With 2014 coming to an end tomorrow, I decided to do a review of Poptropica over the past year! Let’s get on with the post!

Islands Overview

In 2014, 5 islands were released. This year, Poptropica also featured the rise of the new episodic islands (islands were divided into parts called episodes). If you count all the episodes as islands we would have 12 islands (Monster Carnival, Survival 5/5, Mission Atlantis 3/3, PoptropiCon 2/3, Arabian Nights 2/3). There was also a couple of classic islands that were re-done into SUIs (sound-updated islands). The islands were Mythology and Shrink Ray.

Monster Carnival Island


Monster Carnival was the first Poptropica Island this year. It finally showed up in February 2014, we waited a long 6 years for this island to come out. In my opinion, Monster Carnival Island was really easy, I think it was the easiest island this year. The island’s music, story and characters were amazing, I really loved the circus feel of the island. I like a challenge to an island and I wish it was harder. The little monsters on each stage at night were so easy to avoid &  the Ringmaster Raven battle was just so easy.


Survival Island


Survival Island was second Poptropica Island this year. The creators surprised the whole Poptropica community by splitting it into 5 episodes, which the creators have never done before! The Island introduced a brand new Poptropica villain in the 3rd episode called Myron Van Buren. I have to say, the last episode of Survival was amazing & I loved how we took out Van Buren. This island had an amazing plotline, visuals, and excellent music.


Mission Atlantis Island


Mission Atlantis was the third island of the year, it was split into 3 episodes. This island was about the lost city of Atlantis, there was all these unique aquatic animals on the island that we had to take pics of. There was no villain to this island, but there was this huge shark you had to fight off at one point. After the first episode, I thought this was going to be a really bad island. But, the third episode changed me when I figured out that Atlantis was connected to the aliens on Lunar Colony. The graphics were good, the plot was alright, but the surprise at the end was amazing!


PoptropiCon Island


PoptropiCon Island was the fourth island of the year, it was split into 3 episodes (2 have come out so far). The first episode of PoptropiCon was about getting a ticket & disguising ourselves to find a new way to enter the convention center. The first episode was so fun & amazing. The second episode was just as good, you were playing cards & dressing up! The second episode’s cliffhanger was amazing ;O Even though the final episode isn’t out yet, we know that Omegon will attack the convention and it’s up to us to defeat him! The battle will commence sometime in February 2015. So far I have loved the plot, graphics & overall feel of the island.


Arabian Nights Island


Arabian Nights Island was the fifth island of the year, it was split into 3 episodes (2 have come out so far). If you didn’t know, this island is the winning idea for the CYDI (Create Your Dream Island Contest). After the announcement of the winner, most of the players were excited to see this island. I wasn’t looking forward too it, I thought it would be bad – but it was really good actually! The first episode you were trying to find your way into their hideout. It was really interesting & I loved every minute of it! The second episode was really fun to play! The characters & plot was awesome! If you didn’t see my review, check it out here! The final episode hasn’t come put yet, It’s probably going to come out after February though. I wish I can meet that genie! 😀

The Fall of the Episodic Islands

Since the beginning of the episodic islands, there have been people protesting its existence. They have not played any of the episodic islands, they just want it gone. The creators have been getting a lot of hate over this and I think they have had enough. I was Direct messaging them on Twitter and they said after Arabian Nights Ep.3 & PoptropiCon Ep.3 there will probably be just stand-alone islands & no new episodic islands!


The creators aren’t ruling out episodic islands, but it”s probably best for them not to bring them back. Well, that’s it! I hope you enjoyed the end of the year post! I’m sure Poptropica is going to have whole new features & cool stuff for next year, the question is, are you ready for next year?


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