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PoptropiCon Island Cheats & Walkthrough Guide


PoptropiCon Island Episode 1: Line Forms Here Walkthrough Guide First talk to the girl dressed as a princess who’s waiting in line. She’ll tell you that she has an extra ticket she’s holding for a friend but she doesn’t know where he is. Here’s a selfie they took together. Her friend is dressed as a wizard. Next go stand near the girl wearing the blue top hat in line. Click on the costumizer then use […]

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PoptropiCon Episode 1: Line Forms Here Walkthrough Guide Available!


Hey everyone!  I just added the walkthrough guide for the first part of PoptropiCon Island: Line Forms Here to the main walkthrough page.  Be sure to check it out so you can beat the new island too! – SkyBoy303

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Survival Island Guide Updated with Parts 3 & 4!


Hey everyone!  I just updated the Survival Island Walkthrough Guide with parts 3 & 4!  Better late than never right?!  Now you can find a full written walkthrough for both Episode 3: Distress Signal and Episode 4: Cabin Fever. Stay tuned for whenever Episode 5 of Survival Island comes out, hopefully I’ll be a bit quicker on that one!  Next I’ll be updating for Episodes 2 & 3 of Mission Atlantis Island so stay tuned […]

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Poptropica Ice Bucket Challenge


Has anybody else seen how the Poptropica Creators have been doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenges?! I think that’s so awesome! Here are the ones I’ve seen so far: It looks like it started with Oliver and Jorge from the Poptropica comic strip… Then they nominated Zeus. He doesn’t look too happy but it’s for a good cause! Next up, Black Widow accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge! Even Dr Hare did it! I think it’s […]

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I’m Back!!


Hey everyone! I know it’s been about 3 months since I last posted which seems like forever!! I’ve been away at summer camp so I haven’t had access to my computer or anything. I had a lot of fun there but it feels great to be back! Since I’ve been gone it looks like I’ve missed a few of the newest Poptropica island releases including the announcement of Poptropicon Island coming next week! I’ve got […]

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Hook, Line & Sinker Walkthrough Guide Available!


Hey everyone! The walkthrough guide for Survival Island Episode 2: Hook, Line & Sinker is now available!  Head on over to the Survival Island Walkthrough Page to find the full walkthrough guide! Good luck! -SkyBoy303

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Survival Island Episode 2 – Hook, Line, & Sinker Comes Out Tomorrow!


The second episode of Survival Island is coming out tomorrow, May 15th!  Most of you have probably played the first episode already so I won’t go into detail about what happened.  In the second episode, you’re still stranded and you need to find the right equipment to catch a fish! Find a way to catch a fish before you lose the battle with hunger!  You’ve already survived the crash landing so now it’;s time to […]

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Poptropica App Now Available for iPhone & iPod Touch!


iPad users have been enjoying the Poptropica App for about two months now but it hasn’t been available for iPhone and iPod Touch users…until now!  That’s right, now you can play Poptropica on your iPhone or iPod Touch! If you haven’t already got this app on your phone or iPod yet, head over to the App Store to get it now!  Play Poptropica anywhere, anytime!

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New and Improved Mythology Island Available for Members!


That’s right!  The new and improved Mythology Island is now available for all Poptropica members!  For the next week, members will get early access to the revamped Mythology Island!  If you don’t have a membership, you can check out the video of the improved Mythology Island below. Non-members will be able to play the new Mythology Island in only one week so hold tight til then!

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Arabian Nights Island Walkthrough & Cheats – Poptropica


This page will be used for any information about Arabian Nights Island.  The idea for this new island was from the Create Your Dream Island Contest. Check back for a full walkthrough guide as soon as Arabian Nights Island is released!

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