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Daily Pop Sneak Peeks: More Galactic Hot Dogs Island, Arabian Nights Ep.3 & more behind-the-scenes!

Time to Crate: Thank Old Man Murray for the measurement!

Hey everyone!  In today’s post there’s going to be tons of sneak peeks of Galactic Hot Dogs Island, Arabian Nights Ep.3 sneak peeks & sneak peeks of maybe Balloon Boy’s Return! Let’s get to the post! Galactic Hot Dogs Sneak Peeks #2 Remember how I released some sneak peeks of Galactic Hot Dogs Island a few weeks ago? Well, if you didn’t, I suggest you check it out because there’s some cool sneak peeks in […]

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Upcoming Poptropica events next month & Poptropica Comics Island?


Hey everyone! This post & the next one are going to be filled with all the behind-the-scenes info & Poptropica Updates you can get! Taking advantage of all the sneak peeks, I decided to ask Poptropica on Twitter about next month’s first island/episode of the year for Poptropica. They responded back-but with the whole month’s info & some of February’s too! As you see above, they have a lot of stuff planned for the month of […]

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Poptropica Realms, Galactic Hot Dog Prize Pack & Caveman Follwer


Hey everyone! The Poptropica Creators just tweeted a logo & name for a new feature on Poptropica called Poptropica Realms! From what I can tell, Poptropica Realms is going to be the second part of Poptropica Lands! This might even involve the “create your own worlds (planets)” sneak peek unveiled last month! Recently, the Creators posted a YouTube video about the Galactic Hot Dogs prize pack,  the Galactic Hot Dog ad game on the Poptropica app! And finally, if you didn’t know, there’s a new ad on Main Street […]

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Arabian Nights Ep.2: Lair of Thieves Guide!

Putting the lamp on the altar

Once you start the episode, You’re in the thieves’ lair, and there are thieves all around you. You need to avoid them and try to sneak around so you can find the Sultan’s Lamp! So jump down from the top platform that you’re on, and try to get down to the bottom. The thieves just push you back right now, they don’t capture you…yet. Once you reach the bottom, go where the down arrow is pointing. […]

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Arabian Nights Ep.2 Review & Members Only Items


Hey everyone! This is just a quick post to tell you that Arabian Nights Ep.2: Lair of Thieves is out for members & to tell you that 2 new Arabian Nights Ep.2 Items are in the store! So lets get onto the post with more details! WARNING THE REVIEW HAS SPOILERS Arabian Nights Ep.2: Lair of Thieves: personal review Glitch Problems: 5/5 If you didn’t know, the island came out yesterday at 3pm CST. I […]

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Arabian Nights Ep.2 out for members tomorrow, tons of Poptropica Mobile news!


Hey everyone! If you didn’t know, Arabian Nights Ep.2: The Lair of Thieves is coming out tomorrow December 11 for members! Look forward to a guide over the weekend! In honor of the release, the creators released this amazing members-only costume called Plundered Armor! I’m so in love with that axe!   Poptropica App Updates There’s some great news for Android & Apple users on this post! First, let’s start with Apple: Mission Atlantis Ep. 3: […]

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Galactic Hot Dogs Island Info Page, Teaser Trailer & More!


Hey everyone! It’s official! Galactic Hot Dogs Island is going to be coming out soon! The creators just released the  info page and the teaser trailer which both are really awesome! From what I can tell this will be a full island because behind-the-scenes there is no episodes listed as of right now for GHD & the info page does not have an episode section where it lists all the episodes like other island. The description of the island sounds really awesome too! I […]

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Galactic Hot Dog: more sneak peeks & a follower


Hey everyone! I was looking around on Poptropica’s Twitter today and found some interesting stuff about Galactic Hot Dog Island! So lets get on with the post! Galactic Hot Dog: scene from island The creators just recently posted this awesome sneak peek of a scene on Galactic Hot Dog Island!   In the picture above, you can see the Neon Wiener on the bottom right corner of the image. It looks like it’s on a planet, […]

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Shrink Ray SUI out for all tomorrow & new Poptropica Comic App!


Hey everyone! I just wanted to remind you really quick that Shrink Ray Island SUI (sound-updated-island) will be out for everyone on December 4, which is tomorrow! Hopefully, with a release to everyone, all the glitches in the island I spoke about in this post will be fixed. Also, If you are having any difficulty with the island, feel free to check out our Shrink Ray Island Guide. In case you missed my last post, the Shrink Ray (gun) is now […]

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Galactic Hot Dog Island: a Daily Pop sneak peek


Hey everyone! I went on Poptropica this morning and went go look at the Daily Pop and saw some interesting sneak peeks of Galactic Hot Dog Island from what I can tell! Here’s the sneak peeks below (with captions): Over the past couple of weeks, since Galactic Hot Dog Island was confirmed, there was questions unanswered such as: Is the island going to be in Poptropica style or Galactic Hot Dog style which is the comic form […]

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