Poptropica Cheats - Secrets, Island Walkthroughs & Codes

Mission Atlantis Island Cheats & Walkthrough


Mission Atlantis Episode 1: Into the Deep Walkthrough & Cheats Find the full written and video walkthrough guide for Episode 1 of Mission Atlantis: Into the Deep here as soon as the island comes out! Mission Atlantis Release Date Announced 4/8/14 The first episode of Mission Atlantis will be released for members to play on Thursday April 17th!  The first episode of Survival Island, Crash Landing will also be available for everyone to play that […]

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Poptropica Survival Island Cheats & Walkthrough


Survival Island Episode 1: Crash Landing Walkthrough You’re stranded in the woods at night and the temperature is falling.  You must find a way to start a fire in order to survive. Now lets get to the cheats walkthrough. See it below! Poptropica Survival Island – Episode 1 – Crash Landing Cheats & Walkthrough Video Survival Island Written Walkthrough When you first get to the island, you will see that you are in the middle […]

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New & Improved Mythology Island


This week it was announced on the Creator’s blog that the new and improved version of Mythology Island is coming soon!  The new Mythology Island will feature a bigger screen, music and sound effects. There’s even some new island extras that you can get before the island comes out!  Members can get a Cyclops and an Icarus costume before the new improved Mythology Island comes out. Here’s some new screenshots from the new improved Mythology […]

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Monster Carnival Island Walkthrough & Cheats – Poptropica


Finally, Monster Carnival Island has been released and here is the cheats walkthrough guide for you! Monster Carnival Island Cheats Guide When you first get to the island, go to your right until you get to the carnival sign. Talk to the kid. He says he’s worried the carnival wont be ready in time. Once you have talked to him, go right and talk to the guy in front of the Duck Game. He will […]

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Arabian Nights Island Walkthrough & Cheats – Poptropica


This page will be used for any information about Arabian Nights Island.  The idea for this new island was from the Create Your Dream Island Contest. Check back for a full walkthrough guide as soon as Arabian Nights Island is released!

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Poptropica Create Your Dream Island Winner – Arabian Nights Island


Today the Poptropica Creators finally announced the winner of the Create Your Dream Island Contest!  Congratulations to Sarah aka Magic Eagle for her idea of creating an Arabian Nights Island!  Here’s some more info on this new upcoming island… The objective of the island will be a quest across the desert to rescue a sultan’s genie from the Forty Thieves.  The Poptropica team was all so impressed with Sarah’s idea for the island that they […]

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Poptropica App Tutorial – Find The 8 Missing Shards

Poptropica App Tutorial Cheats (10)

Hey everyone! I have just gotten the free Poptropica App for my iPad and am digging into all of the fun things now! Before you actually get to the islands themselves, Poptropica has put together a little tutorial to get you used to how the game works! In this tutorial there are 8 Shards that you will need to find! I am going to put together a small walkthrough guide which you can find below. […]

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Poptropica Now Available for iPad!


Hey everyone! The (short) wait is over!  Poptropica for iPad is officially here!  Now you can play your favorite Poptropica islands wherever you go!  Check it out: The best part of all is the app is FREE!  You can download it from the App Store here.  The Poptropica App comes loaded with both Time Tangled Island and 24 Carrot Island!  They’ll be adding more islands to the app soon too! I can’t wait to be […]

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Poptropica Coming Soon for iPad!


Hey everyone! Yep, you read correctly.  Poptropica for iPad is coming soon!  That’s right, you’ll be able to play full Poptropica islands on your iPad!  I know lots of you have been waiting for a long time for the Creator to finally come out with an iPad app for the full game… The first two islands that will be available for play on the iPad will be the new and improved 24 Carrot Island and […]

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Poptropica Four Winds Islands Cheats Walkthrough – IOS Game

Four Winds Island Cheats (2)

Hey everyone! It’s time for yet another walkthrough or cheat guide for one of the Forgotten Islands on the IOS Poptropica game! The island group I am going to help you get through today is the Four Winds Islands. To start, enter the Four Islands Group and go to the bottom left island. There should be a red arrow pointing you there and a purple scroll over the island when you get there! When you […]

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Poptropica Burrow Islands Cheats Walkthrough – IOS Game

Burrow Island Cheats (6)

The Poptropica Burrow Islands only has a side mission, meaning there is no yellow scroll mission to complete, there is only a purple scroll mission. See below for the full walkthrough guide of the Burrow Island group! If you have comments, please leave them on the bottom of the post! Don’t forget to have fun! When you first get to the Burrow Island group, go to the north where you will find an island with […]

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Monster Carnival Island Coming This Week!


Hey everyone! In case you didn’t see the announcement on the Creator’s blog, let me fill you in.  Monster Carnival Island is coming this week!  If it’s anything like the last few Poptropica islands, I’m guessing that it will be released on Thursday.  I will let you know for sure as soon as I find out… Along with the release of Monster Carnival, the Creators are also releasing some special items and power ups for […]

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