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Shrink Ray SUI coming in November, Balloon Boy returning possibly & more sneak peeks!


Hey everyone! The creators recently made a tweet on their twitter saying that Shrink Ray Island, the SUI (sound-updated island) version, is coming out in November! Yay! I can’t wait until the SUI comes out! I really want to see if the creators add or change anything to the island. In other news, Poptropica has been continuously tweeting behind-the-scenes pics, and one of the first since the last post is this monkey ruins, the only words, with no […]

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Poptropica Lands: Best Dream Homes, Best Village Homes, & tons of info about Poptropica Lands

The premise for the episode!

Hey everyone! You know how the creators had the Poptropica Land competition? Well, the first part of the contest ended, and the Creators have posted the top ten entries for the Dream Homes part of the Land competition! There are some pretty cool creations out of the ten! If you haven’t seen the winners, here’s a gallery of the top ten entries, along with the captions the creators gave them!  The winner of The Best of the Land: […]

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PoptropiCon Ep.2 out for members today & Arabian Nights Ep.1 out for all!


Hey everyone! Today, October 23, 2014, the creators are releasing Poptropi-Con Ep.2: Spoiler Alert for members! They also released the members-only Popzilla Costume for Ep.2 of PoptropiCon (which it is free). Hmm, is it just me or that costume looks familiar? Is it like a mix between costumes? Tell me what I’m missing in the comments below! For non-members: Arabian Nights: Ep.1 (How Bazarr) will finally be released to everyone today as well! If you need help with […]

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Cool Mission Atlantis Sketches, MCI Monster Animation and more!

Hey everyone! If you haven’t heard, Poptropica has been tweeting out pictures of sketches, videos, behind-the-scenes and more! This time they tweeted out even more concept art for Mission Atlantis, Ep. 3! The pictures are of the living quarters and lab. If you are intrested in seeing previous Atlantis Ep. 3 sketches, click here!    Speaking of behind-the-scenes, Poptropica has another behind-the-scenes video! This time it shows hows the creators make the animation of the monster in the pool of the duck […]

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Poptropica Lands Preview out today & Themes of the Land competition!


Hey everyone! If you haven’t heard, Poptropica Lands: Public Preview for everyone is coming out today! On the front page the creators have a countdown until the island comes out! From what I’m seeing on the countdown, the preview will come out at 11am PST, 12 pm MST, 1 pm CST, and 2 pm EST. Also, remember in an earlier post where I said non-members can send in creations to the creators’ and get mentioned on the creator’s […]

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Arabian Nights How Bazaar Cheats – Ep.1 Guide

The cliffhanger

Walkthrough & Pictures by Samwow5 Once you get on the island, you’ll start the episode in a distressed and irritated Arabian bazaar (marketplace). The shoppers, and merchants will tell you that 40 thieves have ransacked the town and left it in ruins!  At the current moment, you have nothing to trade with the merchants, so go right twice to the cliff scene. At the cliff, you climb the cave exterior and go all the way to the right of […]

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Poptropica Lands public preview, release dates, and more!


Hey everyone! The Creators  just recently announced that a two week public preview for Poptropica Land will be commencing Thursday, October 16th and will end two weeks later on Thursday, October 30th. There’s even a countdown to the big day on the front page! During this time-frame, everyone, including the non-members, will be able to play Poptropica Land! The creators said in the post that non-members can send in their creations! So non-members, take advantage of this opportunity! In other news, Poptropica just recently tweeted a “behind the […]

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PoptropiCon Ep.2 poster & Shrink Ray SUI coming soon!


Hey everyone! The creators just recently released PoptropiCon Ep. 2′s name, description & poster! The 2nd episode will be called “Spoiler Alert“, and the description of the episode sounds pretty cool! Here’s what it says: The winner of the PoptropiCon costume contest will earn a one-of-a-kind prize. See if you can put together the ultimate villain outfit, but beware — the action at this convention is about to get real! From what it looks like to me, the […]

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Behind the Scenes on Poptropica’s Twitter!


Hey everyone! While I was on Poptropica’s twitter, I found some amazing behind the scenes sneak peeks of Poptropica! One of them was early character art for Arabian Nights, the frame by frame of an animated sleeping dog for an “upcoming and spooky ad”, and an upcoming Poptropica comic strip which features the costumes of the 3 monkeys and Jorge & Oliver! There’s more! They’ve also created a brand new YouTube playlist called “Inside Poptropica”, there are 5 clips currently […]

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Icicles are tough! I am proof!


Hello Poptropica World! I’m Samwow5, I’m so happy that one of my good friends (Skyboy303) invited me to join Poptropica World! You might know me from writing guides on the PHB, or from The TIB, my personal blog. If you don’t know who I am, here’s some info about me: I’m a 15-year-old boy who lives in Louisiana. I love football, baseball, soccer, and swimming, but most of all God! I have been playing Poptropica for 5 to 6 years […]

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